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Education for Bliss & Development: 46 ►The Process Of Overall Development

Published: 19.06.2018

The future of an era depends on its current generation. The more an era's current generation is well-mannered, possesses excellent character, education, and is well entrenched, the scope of the era's development increases manifold. This principle is integrated into the nation, society and, family. It is crystal clear how the character-building of children is the most important task of today.

The Background of Value-Building

Some people have the view that children's lives are blank white sheets on which a person can write anything at all. Their lives can be shaped easily in any desired direction. This viewpoint can be correct, though it may not necessarily be an all-inclusive opinion. Every child brings with him, a sense of uniqueness. Societal influence plays a pivotal role in shaping a child. This implies a child brings the seeds of value-building with him into this world. Societal and familial influences impart him with exclusive traits on which he builds his values.

It has been noticed that parents provide their children with all luxuries and comforts, education and healthcare. They provide little or few opportunities for their all round development. There are even few caretakers who look at the whole development process sceptically. Those children who are unguided, pampered, those who do not do anything or those who end up doing things which put them on the wrong path. This situation demands parents to be proactive in building values in their wards' lives.

Overall Personality Appearance

The parents who leave their children on the faith of the Government schools, they don't do justice with them. In private schools, where the cultural side is minor and the intellectual development is major, there the overall development of the children cannot be done. The spiritual people should think about this matter seriously. Convent and public schools are the point of attraction for modern parents. They think that the children studying in these schools gain the development in the modern way and they learn how to live in a society in a better way. In some way these can also be true. But these society manners are not only the life. Culture, tradition, discipline, humility, patience, honesty, spirit of service etc are also compulsory to be learnt for the totality of life. How the development of culture can be resulted from the educational system where there is an attack to its origin of culture?

The parents who think to give their children good values? Through spiritual education, so their thinking is also incomplete. The students who take part in the spiritual education learn the things for few days only and after the exam generally they forget everything. So in this situation their knowledge and surface of conduct can't become strong.

It is necessary that the students should always be given such environment and certain things should be added in their educational system, which can develop them intellectually as well as emotionally and lift them to the heights.

A Long Lived Initiative

The thoughtful people of the society have planned to solve this problem. According to them, along with the basic syllabus, the ethical as well as the spiritual values will be added especially to the primary education and to the higher secondary education. The objective of this education is that the students should be taught in a simple and dearness way. Along with the ease and dearness, the stories and the pictures can be used widely to teach the students.

The teachers should not only teach from the books. They should interact with the students. The things which are taught they should make them revise orally. It is also the duty of the teachers to read the child psychology. By reading their mindset they should guide the students to take the right path in their life.

It is easy to teach the bachelors and the postgraduate students but it is tough to teach very young child. Construction of children's literature is tougher than writing high class literature. By taking this into consideration the suitable teachers have to be trained. If the teachers are not well trained then none of the educational systems and the syllabus can give their students a better future. Jain Vishwa Bharati should take the onus to train the teachers and the people from all regions of society understand the social, domestic and ethical responsibility so that the long lived initiative can run which can be helpful for the overall development of the children.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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