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Published: 22.06.2018

There should be change in the education system, these words are prevalent everywhere. The education officers think the same so do the reformers o f society. But what changes to be done? What should be the pattern? These things are getting less attention. The time when there was control over grains, people used to say that control is bad, it should be abolished. Everyone used to say, just for the sake of saying, be it officer or businessman, but they used to pray that it should be there. Why control should be abolished? Because of it only they were able to earn black money, or otherwise how these people will get such chance. Maybe same thing is there in case of education. After changing the pattern of education it may affect some tacit selfish people, therefore they don't want to remove the deformation and unbalance of education system.

Inclusion of Characteristic Values

The main aim of education is: - development of life, purity of character and self realization. Is it being accomplished? At present meaning of education is mere literacy or specialty in a particular subject. If this isn't frustration then what is it? Can this frustration be removed? What is the usefulness of the education which cannot give a correct direction to the life? I believe that there is difference between thinking and situation of ancient and present times. It is impossible to make education pattern of present time completely like that of ancient times. But at least the maximum inclusion of characteristic values can be done, the values of truthfulness, nonviolence, satisfaction etc values can be imparted to the children so that their life can actually become successful and prosperous.

Those Happy Moments

If we see from the point of view of accumulating knowledge then also there is a difference in the condition in the past and present. From the point of view of strong and broader knowledge today's educational system gives less attention, whereas ancient system was very scientific from the point of view of in depth knowledge. In our organization the tradition of education does not follow today's examination methodology. Like ancient time there should be deep and basic concept of each subject. Along with it there is inclusion of today's comparative methodology, so that knowledge does not remain confined to one field. I do remember those golden moments of my student life, when I used to sit at the feet of respectable teacher Shree Kalugani and practiced knowledge. My whole education was done at his feet. I got just a simple knowledge of Hindi and Mathematics in my family life. Whatever the teacher gave me daily to remember, to practice, until I was not thorough in those chapters I was not at rest. I used to learn the unconsidered chapters of the whole day at the last span of night. I was woken up at around 4'o clock. That was very happy and peaceful moment. Whatever solid knowledge I got from the teacher at that age, whatever I learnt about knowledge and literature during those days, they are still present in my memories. That practice has a non-erasable imprint in my life.

Duties of the Parents

It is also the duty of parents to give right knowledge to the children, mould them into good cultures and lead them in proper direction of development. This is the right practice, right study. Aiming this poet has said- "Mata satru, pita vairi, yen baalonapathitah"- those parents who does not help their children to do right practice in their life, they are not their parents, they are their enemy. So it is expected that parents imbues their life with right knowledge and lit the light of knowledge in their children. What could be a greater offering than this?

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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