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Education for Bliss & Development: 40 ►Life And Livelihood: A Question

Published: 13.06.2018

There are some elements in Indian soil and water which keeps connected this land to the spirituality. Several countries in the world export consumer goods and develop their relationship with other nations. India is such a country who used to export life-values and spirituality. Why that land is becoming barren? Why the compost that used to grow the values has become inferior after mixing up with chemical fertilizers? Now Buddha, Mahaveer, Gandhiji and Monks are no longer born on this land?

British came to India. They had to establish their feet and drive their policy. For this they changed the education system. They were aware of the fact that any society or nation can be moulded in a new form only by taking support from its education system. The British moved, but the effects of the elements that were dissolved in education has not yet emaciated. After achieving freedom, many academics have introspected, the government has formed many commissions, but there is no change in the education policy.

The President, the Prime Minister, education commission, education secretary and the common man of India is saying that India's education system is not good. But for the first time we said a new thing that India's education policy is correct. The question raised that why the perfect man is not built if the education policy is right? We replied- 'How will we have a perfect man when there is no faculty to create a perfect man?' The element that makes a man perfect is Anuvrat (small vow). This is a worthwhile undertaking of the reputation of human values. It can be understood from the following verse -

Apne se apna anushaasan, Anuvrat ki paribhasha,
Varna jaati ya sampraday se mukt dharm ki bhasha,
Chhote-chhote sankaipon se maanas parivartan ho
Sanyam-may jeevan ho

Fundamental elements of education must be incorporated with human values. When this task is seamlessly accomplished, it will not irk anybody nor will it be a burden on the students.

Today's student loses his balance easily; he is neither happy with his present nor he is confident about his future. The number of unemployed graduates is on the rise, in this scenario. Their education itself acts as a deterrent. The educated youths fall prey to depression when they fail to earn their livelihood. He forgets life in the pursuit of his livelihood. Livelihood sustains life but when life becomes secondary to livelihood, life loses its meaning. The essential will become secondary and the secondary will remain essential, until the human values of education are incorporated in human life.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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