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Education for Bliss & Development: 28 ►New Style Of Examination

Published: 01.06.2018

Examination by a Father

Three youths came after learning 'Brahma vidya'. Mother was very glad. Success of their sons was her great desire. The desire was fulfilled. Her legs were not on earth.

The father of youths was master in 'Brahma vidya'. For him only academic knowledge was not enough. He asked his sons to give test. Sons were tired of giving tests. They were not expecting that once again they will be asked to appear for test at home also.

Sons asked father - "Father! When will be our test? Where will it take place? What type will it be? Father said - "Sons! Do not be in tension or in worry, have patience. Any time it may take place, anywhere it may take place and any method could be adopted. But don't worry. I shall be your examiner." Some time passed. One day father called his three sons and said - 'Today will be your test; there was no question paper for test. Sons were curious. Seeing their curiosity father asked - 'Tell me in detail about Brahma vidya.'

Elder son stood up. He started explaining Brahma vidya in Sanskrit language. He spoke for continuous one hour. He spoke fluently. He spoke with hope that father will declare him pass. Those who listened were delighted but there was no sign of happiness on father's face. Son understood that father is not satisfied.

The second son stood up. He started lecturing about Brahma vidya. He turned his face towards his father after narrating about many 'Brahma Saints'. Seeing expression of dissatisfaction on his face, he understood that it is not easy to pass test here.

Now it was the turn of the youngest son. He thought. It is worthless to speak about 'Brahma Vidya'. It is also not meaningful to speak about 'Brahma Saints'. It means, in father's view speakers will not be able to pass the test. With this thought he stood up. He closed his eyes. He went in meditation. Father asked - 'For these years, what did you study? Tell me.' He was in meditation and did not speak. Once again father tried to provoke him. He opened his eyes. He just indicated that 'Brahma Vidya' is not the thing to speak. It can be experienced and cannot be expressed.

There was light in father's eyes. His one son has become expert in 'Brahma vidya'. He was very happy with this. With this incident it is clear that 'Brahma Elements' cannot be expressed. Those who meditate and go deeper can only understand the essence of the life of a yogi and have control over his/ her 'Senses' and lead his life in 'Brahma Meditation'.

Test by a Teacher

Many disciples were getting education in the Ashram (School) of Acharya (Guru) Bahushrut. Education completed for three students. It was time for their farewell. Acharya told - 'Come to my house tomorrow morning. Your last test is pending. After that only you will be permitted to go home'. At night Acharya poured thorns in his residence's path.

Next day, at the expected time, all three disciples came. There were thorns in the way. But the disciples were also smart. They said - 'What is there if thorns are in the way. We have to reach to the residence of Guru. Guru has asked us to come for the test. How the test will take place if we do not reach in time'.

First student walked and many thorns pricked. His leg was full of blood. He reached to the residence of Guru and stood taking rest. Second student Started. He kept walking siding thorns and reached to the aim. Third student looked around. He dragged away the branch of thorns. Took a broom and cleaned the way. Washed his face and hand and reached to his Guru's residence.

Acharya (Guru) was standing near window of his residence (Kuteer). He was watching activities of his disciples. When his third disciple reached near kuteer he opened the door and said - 'Son! Your education is completed. You have passed the test. The knowledge is perfect, which comes true in practice. You will live in the world, but no thorn will prick because you know how to clean the thorns. Hence, you will save others also from thorns. He turned towards the other two disciples and said - 'Both of you have to stay in the Ashram for some more time and practice to make the knowledge meaningful.' As per the instruction of Guru, both disciples stayed in the Ashram and returned home after passing the test.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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