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Education for Bliss & Development: 45 ►Three Precious Points

Published: 18.06.2018

Student life Reminisces

On looking at students, my memories as a student flood back right through. I studied just like them in a school in my childhood; the school was a personal initiative by a guru who managed the school. The education was given not as per classes; all the students were seated together. Guruji (The teacher) would listen to classes being conducted on the previous day and he would teach us some new tables and calculations. We used to get a special knowledge once in a week. I clearly remember how calm and dedicated students were there in those days. I was one of them. We would ensure our teachers did not get unhappy because of us. Not only in school but at home also we used to keep it in mind that teachers should not see us while doing any mischief. In those days, we used to get only one day as a holiday in every 15 days. Even during the holidays, we used to go to other students' houses and check if they were up to any mischief or not. We used to observe their behaviours at home and submit a report to the teacher. In school also, we listed down the errors of the students and used to submit them to the teachers, based on which the teachers would punish them. On recalling all this, my pleasant experiences resurface.

Condition of India

The time then and now is different. India is independent today. The nation was colonized earlier. All the responsibilities, good or bad, were thrown on British. Even today if Indians are not able to carry that responsibility then the independence gained will be at stake. In the old period, the state of Indian education and history were observed and obtain by foreigners aplenty. It is unfortunate that India is nowhere near its past glory. For the nation to regain its past glory, three important points are to be stressed upon - faith, knowledge and character.

Belief must Awaken

In today's world, the strength of faith has weakened considerably. The extent of knowledge has grown like imagined never before. It is a matter of concern that faith has not progressed similarly. A question could be - Faith towards whom? This question has a simple answer - Be the first to have faith in self. In other words, this can be described as belief. As long as man does not have faith in self, science and technology will be a bane to him, not a boon. The knowledge acquired by Indian saints may not have been beneficial in preparing formulas for bombs or satellites; however tenets like soul, salvation, divine and rebirth have been handed down. Indian saints said - "Do not think there is no soul. There is soul, accept this truth." Scientists in the present day have been unsuccessful in finding the soul till now. They say subsequently that life is only as much as we live. The plausible thing to do is to eat, drink, live and enjoy this life. But what is the truth? A deep analysis on the salient points would point in this direction. In practice, whatever differences from man to man exist, it is important to mull on the underlying reasons. In the present situation, deep analytical capabilities will alone make education fruitful.

Knowledge Shines Through

The second thing is knowledge. Knowledge is all-pervasive and shining. Without knowledge, there is eternal darkness in human life. Just as the darkness of the outside is dispelled by the sun, similarly the internal darkness and ignorance are dispelled by knowledge. But knowledge is not just acquired by learning or reading books. Humility is essential to acquire knowledge. The assimilation of knowledge into students' lives will alone make education fruitful.

Character is an Invaluable Treasure

The third thing is character. From one point of view character is an invaluable treasure of life. A person, whose character is complete, is considered rounded in all aspects and this is an essential standard. The true value of a person can be ascertained from his character. A lot of things are evident from character, clear as daylight. A point to be mentioned here is any work that must be hidden is bad, and people must only do that work which is good. A step in this direction is a step in the completion and rounding of character.

Looking at the conditions that the nation is faced with today, character moulding is an important measure. Nation-building is based on this principle. Students are the building pillars for the future of the nation and society. Only by ensuring rounding and enhancement of their character, the nation's future will be bright and secured.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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