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Published: 20.05.2018

Today's era is the era of development. The sound of progress and revolution is echoing on all the sides. Development is necessary. It should happen. If development will not happen in human’s life then in what life would it happen? This is a beautiful opportunity. Everyone should evaluate it.

The Means of Development

A progressive man should understand the means of development. Without knowing the means ends are not feasible. Knowledge is the means of development; man has understood this fact. In my words knowledge means education. I do not find the basic element in saying literacy as knowledge or education. Knowing letters is a means of education, not education. Education brings the knowledge of good and evil. There is a development of understanding for scum and utility. There develops knowledge about benefits and losses. Its glory has been sung in ethics. That is why poets have sung about its encomium. On the basis of this it can be understood that the root key to development is consciousness of knowledge.

The Aim of Education

Apprentice should at first understand the aim of education. Livelihood is not the aim of education. Even illiterates can keep themselves alive. Humans have the hunger for humanity. Grains do not fill it. For that education is expected. In classical language the aim of education is - self building, character building and morality. Western thinker Ruskin while explaining   the aim of education to be character building stated that-" If you could make your son to intellectually understand and control evils like-self destruction, anger, pride, money and greed then you can do a great deal in reducing the sorrows in their future and eradicating crime from the society.”

The word knowledge is not that much elaborate as is education. Through education we have to make mindset to be disciplined. We have to destroy addiction, true and good intentions should be awaken, we have to fill pure religious emotions and we should teach to be true in every situation. Education covers all these dimensions.

Four Keys of Development

Element is not in words, it is in behaviour. Reiterating about development does not lead to development, the behaviour should favour it. In Shastras the four keys to development are mentioned as- "lajja, daya, sanyam, brahmacharyam, kallanbhagisvisohithanam". Shyness, kindness, control and celibacy are pure position for a philanthropist.

Shyness is an important character. It does not mean fear or hesitation. This is the most beautiful way to escape injustice and misbehaviour. Fear arising out of intellect or disciplined fear is necessary for all, for students it is utmost important. In the same manner cruel, uncontrolled, voluptuous student cannot determine their aim. That is why student should pay more attention towards these four aspects.

Golden Spell

Culture is the first step of life building. It can be said like this also that it is the most important step. Childhood is the most appropriate time for this. Child's heart is very tender. The cultures that are poured on him, the same got imprinted. Child's mind is a blank paper, a raw casserole, white cloth. Voluntarily anything can be written on it, it can be baked, it can be coloured. On assimilation of phase helplessness comes. There is a saying in the land of Rajasthan- "pakihandi par kanikonichadhe" is letter perfect. So, from the beginning, only parents and teachers should try to make children well cultured.

The Responsibility of Teachers

There is a big responsibility on the shoulders of teachers. They get to touch the flower - like soft life of infants and to shape their future life. In order to execute their responsibility they have to themselves become righteous. It is not possible that the teachers' character does not influence those of the students. The students of addict teachers become addicts. If the teachers resort themselves to smoking habits and in the same time, advice the students not to do so, how could the students follow this? The effect that good or bad character has on students is far more superseding than the effect of good or bad education on them. Therefore it is extremely important that the teachers follow path of righteous character. They should remain very alert and should not succumb to bad habits.

The Responsibility of Guardian

The guardians must also not forget their responsibility. In the true sense, the real teachers of children are their parents. Children stay with their teachers for mere four of five hours. They spend the rest of the time with their guardians itself. The guardians, who have resorted to addictions, are teaching their children also the same thing even if those are not their intentions. They start shouting when their children are already spoilt. Then they start blaming the age, the times and the teachers but they do not pay attention towards their misdeeds. If they want to bring about a change in their children, then first they should change themselves.

Student life is a difficult time. They have to spend a life of meditation. There are many rules important for students, without following which no human can receive education. They are food control, celibacy, perceptible punishment and discipline. The learning of subjugation is incomplete without the ability to control the tongue. If food control is not enclosed with celibacy and perceptible punishment then they need to mention that it needs to be included and is important, because it is their basic principle. Who doesn't know what we are losing today because of the lack of discipline. Students should be of righteous mindset. Self-discipline should be the pillars of their lives. The character description of a respectful student in Bhagwad Gita is as follows-

Naputotho vaagare kinchi, putatho vaa naaliyan vae
Koh asacchan kuvveja, dhaarejajaa piyamppiya

A courteous apprentice will not speak without intimation, or without definite purpose, if at all he speaks with a purpose he will not lie; he will not allow anger to control him and will bear all including the beloved and the unpleasing people.

The person who lives by the aforesaid ways, talks less, is truthful, forgiving; remains equal to the beloved and the unpleasing people truly understands the mystery of discipline and is the true deserver of education.

Educational stigma

Rudeness, unruliness, discourtesy and indiscipline - These are the educational stigma. If the ones who are called as apprentice or educated person (not a well-educated person in the true sense) are to be actually blamed, this definitely adds a stain on education, though it is actually innocent. Actually, there is no flaw at all in education. This is the foolishness of those against it. If the students remain alert, then why those standing against it even have a chance to blame education for anything as such?

At one end there is so much education advertisement going on. On the other end there is so much chaos, bitterness, greed and quarrels. Is this not a matter of surprise? As the number of students is increasing, their uncultured behaviour is also increasing. Today many adolescent and young students are destroying their lives due to unnatural copulation. In whose hearts will their clinging cheeks, sunken and powerless eyes, hopeless state not arouse pity? Many students have not even experienced youth. The guardians and the teachers should take care of the students in this context. They should not let them entangle themselves amongst evil. Now it is no more the age when the youth is itself not much aware of sex. Today even the kids are able to fool the elders very easily.

Who is to Blame?

What is the reason if the values do not increase with education? Who is responsible for this? Is education responsible for this? The conclusion of an analysis on this issue is what are the responsibilities of education and those of the educator? When the principles are only mistaken then what is the gain in blaming anything else? Spiritualism or lack of living values in education is a mistake. Today materialist has changed the approach of whole world. Spiritualists are self-disciplined. Their behaviour is same in front of you as well as at your back. They do not cut anyone's neck in dark nor do they act as saint in light. Their direct and indirect sight is balanced. Spiritualist can also commit mistake but they recoup by self command. They have the ability to atonement their own mistakes.

There is a motivational context about two brothers in mythological literature. Two princes went to a Gurukul for education and stayed with qualified teachers for twelve years. They acquired their education studiously. They returned to palace after completing their study. From the fenestrate of palace they saw an unfamiliar girl and they fell for her. After they bowed before the queen they got curious about the girl. The queen said happily to her sons that she was their sister.

Both the brothers became sad when their mother's voice reached their ears. Their heart became distressed and eyes became hydrous. The mind which has warped feelings for sister is reproachable. Overwhelmed in guilt they accepted tough atonement and decided to spend their whole life as celibate.

It could be a question that from where the princes got such culture? Due to lack of knowledge because of warped feeling why they took such a tough atonement?

This was the effect of religious education. Pearl education is imbued with Spiritualism, only then it can conquer other hearts as a garland. If educationalist could connect religion with education then it could be well being for an individual, society, nation and world and afflicted human can breathe blissfully.

Healer for All

Spiritualism is viable for all. There is no odour of Communalism. The meaning of communalism is hatred and unpleasantness. Religion is far way from hatred and violence and is the unerring formula of the world's friendship. That is why its shelter is well being for everyone. The education which has touch of religion is the true education. Ancient saints have said that an education without self-knowledge is waste. Teachers and student should understand and pursue these thoughts deeply and make education meaningful.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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