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Education for Bliss & Development: 21 ►A New And Relevant Thinking

Published: 25.05.2018

Under Question

Education is necessary in life. As bread and cloth has importance in life, likewise education is also important. Man cannot live without bread and cannot live a good life without education. In this view, education is also important and desirable. To fulfil this aspiration there is regular increase in colleges and degree colleges. Here, along with modern facilities new technology is also getting sufficient place. Even then nobody is satisfied with the modern education. Seeing the bad results of the education, lack of restraint and indiscipline has increased. In educated persons the power of tolerance has deceased. In ancient period, ladies use to tolerate everything. With stepping ahead in the field of education, lack of tolerance has also increased. Families are breaking. Cultural and emotional development is blocked. What should be done in such a situation?

Modern education system is under so many questions that every question demands a solution. If in the view of common people, education system is not good then why no attempts were made to reform it? Or whether the root of this problem is so deep that no possible solution is available? What was the result of a long and nationwide debate on education policy? If disruptions of education have to be removed, it has to be made comprehensive. Whether complete personality building is possible with incomplete education? Complete personality implies- awareness of intellectual, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and national sense. Comprehensive development of personality is not possible only on the foundation of intellectual development. This feeling is well expressed in the following lines of life science song:-

"Total development of humanity be the aim of education,
Physical and mental strength be the human strength.
Emotional strength be foundation of culture, Innovative education be the campaign of the day."

"Sarwaangeen vikas vyakti ka vidyaarjan ka dhyeya bane,
Shaaririk bal aur buddhibal maanasbal aadeya bane,
Bhaavatmak bal aur aadharit sanskriti ka sandhan ho Shiksha ka nav abhiyaan ho

Change is Necessary

Some days back a meeting took place with a Central Minister in Delhi. When reference came about education, he said- Prime minister has agreed with the change in the education policy. He has given a new idea for establishing Navodaya Vidyalaya. Total scheme is chalked out. One-one vidyalaya will be opened in each district. Crores of rupees will be invested on each vidyalaya. At district level it would be a great work in the field of education. But there is no way found towards the development of cultural and spiritual growth. Hearing the version of the minister I said- This is the basic expectation. Unless, ways are found for the development of such instincts, what so ever new techniques are adopted, it will not develop the level of education. Without improving the standard of education, living standard cannot be imagined.

Everybody knows that changing the education system is not in the hands of one person, because it is governed by a Government body. In this relation, we can only give suggestions, but cannot change the policy. Even then we can find out some new ways and guide young generation to step on this path.

A New Thinking

There is tradition in Thailand that it is necessary for everyone to become a Buddhist monk for one year. It is said about Japan also that after completing university education every student has to go through Meditation course for at least Six months. Here also, if similar type of course is carried out for a year or so, it can solve the problems related to education.

What could be the initiative? How it can happen? At national level, it could be useful or not, but it could be useful at society level. In this view, a new thought has come out in Intellectuals Meditation camp. That was considered very relevant and meaningful. There was an open discussion on this and participants in the discussion also agreed. The outline of the discussion is like this:

A child takes at least Fifteen to sixteen years to complete primacy education to gradation. Even if we leave Post Graduation and specialization courses, it takes fifteen to sixteen years to complete the whole education. If one year time is given for spiritual and cultural learning after passing examination and to settle down in family or business, then it can fill up the vacuum in life.

Miracle is Possible

That one year will be very important for the youth for building his morals, life and personality. During that period he will follow his traditional Gurukul system and he will become cultured. From here, he may lead a new way of life. Change of personality can take place. Probably, guardians will like to know that whether it could be possible in one year? Why can't it happen? When a person can change himself by attending ten days of meditation camp, then why can't one change himself while going under the training for one year. There is no need to doubt on this. Guardians should have little courage and take decision to provide one year special training for their children after completing college education. We want to do this experiment in coming Yogakshem year (year 1989). One year time is with us. During this period, guardians can improve both their and their children's mentality. If once operational part is completed, the good result will attract the whole society and nation.

One more question may arise that where this program will take place? I think Jain Vishva Bharati may organize this program very well.

In this connection Bauddhik Manch should accept responsibility of advertisement and creating awareness in common people. Intellectual people should understand the usefulness of this program and give us their children for one year only. If we can give cultural and spiritual education to at least one generation of ours this will keep flowing to the coming generations. If we can join together and start our work we can provide permanent solution to eradicate uncultured and unethical values from society.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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