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Posted: 30.05.2013

An Institution in Himself

Acharya Tulsi is an institution in himself and represents the best and most radiant aspects of our ancient traditions. The way he is trying to dive deep into the unfathomable depths for gems is beyond the understanding of earthly people.

H H Shri Vishveshwar
Teerthswami, Uddipi


The Favourite of Ma Durga Bharati

On the occasion of the sacred festival of astami I perceived that you have the blessings of the goddess Ma Durga Bharati. Your name and fame will spread not only in India but also in the other countries of the world. May your work being carried through the Anuvrat Movement flourish and reach the pinnacle of success. My soul will always be with you in your work. I wish you a long and healthy life.

Sant Nagpal

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