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Posted: 13.09.2010

ṇa muyadi payaḍimabhavvo suṭṭhu vi ajjhāidūṇa satthāṇi.
guḍaduddhaṃ pi pibaṃtā ṇa paṇṇayā ṇivvisā hoṃti..

(Abhavvo satthāṇi suṭṭhu ajjhāidūṇa vi payaḍiṃ ṇa muyadi) The abhavya, [i.e., the soul, fundamentally unfit for emancipation], is incapable of abandoning the fruition of karma, inspite of comprehending and being well-versed in the scriptures; (paṇṇayā guḍaduddhaṃ pibaṃtā pi ṇivvisā ṇa hoṃti) just as a serpent does not become non-poisonous, inspite of drinking milk, sweetened with jaggery.


In this verse, reference is made to the inherent inability of those souls who are fundamentally unfit for being liberated. The author uses the analogy of a poisonous serpent which can never become non-poisonous even if it is constantly fed with sweetened milk to illustrate the case of an abhavya whose unfitness is fundamental. Just as the sweet milk is unable to transform the inherent poison to non-poison, so also the study of liberation-giving scriptures, is unable to remove the inherent attachment to the fruition of karma in an abhavya, who, therefore is destined never to leave the cycle of rebirths.

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