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Posted: 17.11.2013

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Navkar Mahamantra 43


These require practice and effort. They are easy to perform in the form of vows (vratas). They tell us the dos & don'ts for the day to day life. They (vows) are simple, easily understandable, logical and practical for all types of people. Ultimately the aim is to lead life in such a way that no fresh karma bondage occurs and past karmas are taken away from the Soul.

An interesting aspect of Right Conduct is that there is a place for every one i.e. a beginner - the path follower (Maraganusari) to the most advanced seeker - the Saint. Further this disciplined approach encompasses all aspects of human life i.e. personal, social, economic and spiritual for the complete development of the individual. This highway is open to all irrespective of caste, creed or class for Jains and non-Jains alike. It has been rightly remarked by the missionary author Mrs. Sinclair Stevenson that "Even if Europeans and Americans, who may never have heard of Jainism, unconsciously follow the rules and conduct and destroy their karmas, their journey to liberation is speeded up like an arrow from the bow."

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