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Acharya Tulsi - A Peacemaker Par Excellence: Coining Special Slogans

Published: 05.05.2013

An Acharya is aware of the problems as well as of their solu­tions. He thinks of suitable remedies for the problems besetting the age and puts them before the people. In order to mould the mental outlook of people, Acharyashree gave some slogans from time to time and exhorted his disciples to follow the spirit embodied in them:

Moral problems:

Sanyamah Khalu Jeevanam

Nothing but self-restraint is life


Nij Par Shashan Phir Anushashan

First self-control, then discipline

Communal Problems:

Pahāle insan, phir Hindu ya Musalman

First a human being then a Muslim or a Hindu

Atmosphere of opposition:

Jo hamara ho virodh, ham use smajhen vinod

Our opposition by others is our recreation

Editor, Translator, Publisher: S.L.Gandhi Courtesy: Dr. Prem Nath Jain, B Jain Publishers Ltd. 1. Edition: 1987
3. Edition:
2000 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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