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Acharya Tulsi - A Peacemaker Par Excellence: Paramhans Parivrajakacharya | Mahrishi Vinod

Published: 28.05.2013

Anuvrat Movement - A Great Step

The Anuvrat Movement sponsored by Acharyashree Tulsi is highly commendable since it helps people to lead a righteous life. The movement will prove very helpful in mutual co-existence. We hope that it will succeed in showing the path of truth to the entire mankind.

Paramhans Parivrajakacharya
Raghuballabh Tirthswami Uddipi

The Socrates of Modern India

Acharyashree Tulsi is, in a sense, the Socrates of modern India. He is a trained logician but his main teaching is that truth has to be lived and not just discussed. Over a century of English education has given a sophistic turn to the Indian mind. Mahatma Gandhi, and Pandit Malviya, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. S. Radhakrishanan have evidently succeeded in removing this evil to a great extent. Acharyashree Tulsi has suggested a somewhat new approach to counteracting the evil of sophistic thinking in India. His insistence is that a man should lead a life of moral discipline embedded in truth and God.

Mahrishi Vinod

Editor, Translator, Publisher: S.L.Gandhi Courtesy: Dr. Prem Nath Jain, B Jain Publishers Ltd. 1. Edition: 1987
3. Edition:
2000 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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