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Published: 23.04.2013

Adarsh Sahitya Sangh

Adarsh Sahitya Sangh was founded in 1948. The people who were responsible for its birth included Jayachand Lai Daftari, Suganchandji Anchaliya, Devendra Kumar Karnawat, Hanatmal Surana and Mohanlala Kathotia. This institution undertook the task of publishing creative literature, organizing Anuvrat travels and propagating Anuvrat vows and rendered a great service to society. It continues to serve society in this way. It has already brought out more than 500 titles. It has done significant work in popularizing Acharyashree's philosophy.

Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha

The practice of initiation is not new to the people of our country, The way Acharyashree has approached it can be regarded as a radical step in the direction of elevating human nature. Some shravaks proposed that the prospective nuns should undergo a specific training aimed at making their full-fledged ascetic life more meaningful before they were initiated into it. They took steps to establish this institution. Notable among them were Samajbhushan Chhogmal ji Chopra, Nemichandji Gadhaiya, Jayachandlal Daftari and Jabarmalji Bhandari. It has now emerged as a centre for creating people of elevated character. The girls admitted to the PSS are prepared for the courses equivalent to those meant for graduates and undergraduates. Besides, they are also provided with opportunities for research and sadhana. About 400 of the mumukshu sisters and brothers trained at the PSS have already been initiated into the Jain ascetic life so far.

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