Acharya Tulsi - A Peacemaker Par Excellence: Development of Art

Published: 07.05.2013

Acharyashree is a perennial fountain of inspiration. He always encourages his disciples to distinguish themselves in various branches of human knowledge. He is a great admirer of art and provides his monks and nuns with appropriate opportunities to give expression to their feelings in various forms of art. The development of arts has received Acharyashree's foremost attention. Thanks to his efforts that we have many talented nuns and monks in the field. Microscopic handwriting had flourished to a great extent already. It is still popular among the nuns and monks. The nuns have acquired efficiency in making all the things needed by a Jain monk or nun for his or her daily use. They make rajohorani (broom-like sticks with bunches of soft woollen thread at their ends to sweep away dust), bowls and strips of cloth to cover mouths. They also do needle work and dyeing with great dexterity. The sadhvis of the Terapanth Dharm Sangh are really talented artists.

Editor, Translator, Publisher: S.L.Gandhi Courtesy: Dr. Prem Nath Jain, B Jain Publishers Ltd. 1. Edition: 1987
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2000 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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