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Published: 02.05.2013

Preksha Dhyan

During Acharyashree's Chaturmas at Jaipur in 1975 some experiments to evolve an effective technique of meditation were carried out. They proved immensely successful. The technique thus evolved came to be known as Preksha Dhyan. Hundreds of Preksha Meditation camps were organized all over the country. Tulsi Adhyatma Needam, a centre of sadhana at Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, was developed into a full-fledged and well-equipped meditation centre. Preksha Meditation has become one of the most important activities of Acharyashree. Its sole aim is to bring about an inner change in man. People have been impressed by its scientific basis. Thousands of people have benefited from it.

Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living)

Some experiments were made in Anuvrat and Preksha Dhyan keeping in view their relevance to education. Jeevan Vigyan is a part of the above programme. It is a constructive and important endeavour aimed at bringing about a psychological transformation in the attitude of students. Many experiments have been made in colleges and schools to test its efficacy. At Gujarat University a specific symposium involving professors, associate professors and assistant professor were held. A seminar on Jeevan Vigyan was also organized.

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