Acharya Tulsi - A Peacemaker Par Excellence: Shivaji Narhari Bhave | Shrimannarayan

Published: 25.05.2013

Simplicity Incarnate

Acharya Tulsi is head of a particular religious organization, Sponsor of a great Movement and a profound scholar of Jainism but one gets no hint of his occupying such high offices in his discourses and speeches. How can one attain to the height of great simplicity, affection and inward peace without knowledge and penance?

Shivaji Narhari Bhave
An eminent thinker

A Powerful Personality

Like me there are many people in India who do not regard Acharya Tulsi as merely the head of a religious sect. We think of him as a powerful personality among the great leaders of India. He has raised aloft the flag of ethical conduct and righteousness. The Anuvrat Movement has given an opportunity to thousands of people in our country to elevate their character. They will continue to benefit from it in future as well.

An eminent Congress leader

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