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Published: 06.05.2013
Updated: 02.07.2015

Acharyashree is himself a prodigious litterateur and has created a large number of literary talents. He took to writing even when he was still a young monk. He continues to write even today. He has written in three languages, i.e., Sanskrit, Hindi and Rajasthani. Let us have a look at some of his famous works:

Sanskrit: Jain Sidhant Dipika, Shri Bhikhshu Nyaya, Karnika, Manonushasanam, Panchsutram, etc.
Hindi: Bhagavan Mahavir, Preksha Anuprekha, Kya Dharma Buddhi Gamya Hai? Dharm Ek Kasauti; Ek Rekha, Mera Dharm, Kendra, Aur Paridhi, Anuvrat Sahitya, Pragya Purush Jayacharya, Mahamanashvi Acharya Kalugani, etc.
Rajasthani: Kaluyashovilas,  Dalim  Charitra, Manak Mahima, Magan Charitra, Nandan Nikunj, Chandan Ki Chutaki Bhali, Somras, etc.

Besides, we now have a large number of books on the various facets of Acharyashree's life and philosophy. Prominient among them are Acharya Tulsi, Jeevan Aur Darshan, Acharya Tulsi Abhinandan Granth, Tusli Mahakavyam (Sanskrit), Dakshin ke Anchal Men Acharya Tulsi; Panva Panva Chalne Wala Suraj. Jab Mahak Uthi Marudhar Mati, Dharm Chakra Pravartan and a book in English, Acharya Tulsi: Fifty years of Selfless Dedication.

Acharya Tulsi's period of Acharyaship will long be remembered for the publication of monumental works on philosophy, thought and poetry. Notable among them are Jain Darshan; Manan Aur Mimansa; Bhikshu Vichar Darshan; Shraman Mahavira; Terapanth ka Itihas, Bhikshu Shabdanushasanam; a complete set of books on Preksha Meditation and Jain Dharm Ke prabhavak Acharya, etc.

One of the most remarkable events of the history of Terapanth Dharm Sangh is the writing of voluminous treatises of encylopaedic nature like Agam Kosh, Nirukta kosh and Ekarth Kosh by a dedicated band of nuns, samanis and Mumukshu sisters. We do not come across a better example of a prodigy of creative work done by the organized efforts of women alone.

Besides the publication of the above meritorious and significant encyclopaedic works, Acharyashree's long span of Acharyaship is credited with the bringing out of several periodicals and journals. Various literary magazines in manuscript were started. 'Jay Jyoti' and 'Eshna' by monks and 'Anveshna', 'Tarangini' and 'Parag' by nuns are worth mentioning. The other notable monthlies, fortnightlies and philosophical journals brought out by various organizations are 'Jain Bharati', 'Anuvrat', 'Yuvadrishti', 'Tulsi Pragya' and 'Preksha Dhyan'.

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