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Acharya Tulsi - A Peacemaker Par Excellence: 5 ►Some Pages from Acharya Tulsi's Diary

Published: 15.05.2013

We see the gradual elevation of Acharyashree psyche. He began as an exponent of truth and has now risen to the state of steadfast wisdom. He is head of a Jain sect but his outlook on life transcends all bounds of sectarianism. His open praise for the good points in other religious beliefs has lent radiance to his own virtues. He has grown popular with others because he looks on all as his brothers and sisters. Many a time he looks back to the days when there was some rigidity in outlook among the religious leaders and expresses his happiness at the growing sense of flexibility in their ideas. He says, "I believe that all sects have gradually moved towards religious tolerance and broadmindedness. We too have developed this attitude towards other sects. Others have also reciprocated the gesture." One cannot appreciate the other's viewpoint unless one becomes broadminded. Acharyashree not only appreciates the good points in others but also imbibes them naturally. It is the result of his generous outlook. Some pages from his diary bear ample testimony to it. He writes:

Today Vimla Bahin came to me at 2.45 p.m. She is an accomp­lished exponent of Vinoba's bhoodan Yojna.

She is a good speaker. Her countenance radiates effulgence. She also attended my discourse for some time. Bhoodan Yojna has produced many able workers. It speaks volumes of the progress of the Bhoodan Movement. If the Anuvrat workers follow their example, we can also do a lot of constructive work.

The other important visitor who came today was Maharaj Vaishnav Sanyasi of Vrindavan. He wants to establish a university there. Preliminary preparations have already been made. Among other things, the proposed university will have thirteen independ­ent centres of comparative religious studies. One of them will be known as the Jain Peeth. Some people directed him to come to us for advice in regard to the Jain Peeth. We had a detailed discus­sion. I was impressed by his erudition and conciliatory views.

Acharyashree's broadminded outlook has widened his contact with the followers of other religions. They come to him for a dialogue and he also pays visits to them occasionally. This exchange of visits has given rise-to an environment of mutual goodwill and harmony. Acharyashree refers to many an occasion on the pages of his diary:

Three Buddhist monks came today. Of them one was a Sri Lankan and the other a Burmese. The last one was Secretary of Mahabodhi Society, Bombay. They attended my discourse. They have asked me to deliver a discourse at Sikkanagar on next Sunday under the auspicies of their Society. They have also invited me to visit their monastery...

We visited a Buddhist monastry today. The resident monks accorded us a warm reception. We had a very useful discussion. Then we visited Father Williams' Church. All these areas are situated on the" road leading to the Central Railway Station, Bombay.

Editor, Translator, Publisher: S.L.Gandhi Courtesy: Dr. Prem Nath Jain, B Jain Publishers Ltd. 1. Edition: 1987
3. Edition:
2000 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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