The Secret of Past Lives: 08 ►More Experiences and Cases of Recollection

Published: 21.08.2017

Methods of verification of Such Recall

When one gradually gets into trance, his eyes, his limbs that become relaxed indicate that the trainee is gradually entering into his past life. A number of questions are put to find out whether the person is giving the real picture or concocted. When Shri Shubkaran Surana of Padihara began his recollections, he started hitting the head of people who were around. He started walking like an animal on his four. When asked why he was doing like that. At times he would move his head vigorously then he would show up his neck and then get into the mood of fight as if he would throw someone on the ground. Then he fell with a thud. He could narrate the darkness around when he was in the womb and how he was born. He could recall the death of his mother when he was a child, how he was brought up by his sister and narrated incidents related to his stage of growing up. He had studied up to his masters and then worked with Ram Manohar Lohia in the political field. He was influenced by socialism. He was against the ladies wearing veil and his attempts at reforming the situation began with his wife. That was revolutionary. He wanted to become a revolutionary and went to Calcutta. He worked there. He felt proud to be called a non-believer. The family followed the Terapanth tradition of Jainism. During the festival when people used to come and pay their respects to the Guru at Padihara, Surana never paid his respects to the Guru nor did he stay back to listen to the discourse. When the Acharya came to know of this he asked one of them to convey that Surana should come and meet him. When the message was conveyed to Surana his only reply was let the Acharya come and meet him. He was not ready to meet him.

The author says... "I used to stay in a guest house close to the house of Shri Chand Surana. I used to train people in yoga, pranayam, meditation and introspection. In the process, people gradually learnt to get deep into their past and through auto suggestion were able to narrate the incidents of their previous birth. Even Sri Chand Surana used to observe these and he too became curious and desirous to do yoga. He felt that doing yoga and teaching yoga was of great importance. He started coming for the practice. One day while teaching them meditation and pranayama I gave instructions to get into the sub consciousness. While practicing it he was lost in his subconscious state. After examining the response of his body to the deep meditation it was observed that he gradually got into his past. He went on narrating the incidents. After the Kayotsarg was over, he met me. We went through all that he had said. His aunt narrated that as a boy he used to hit other boys with his head. His head seemed to be very hard and he always enjoyed hitting others with his head.

He related that he was born as a sheep in Darjeeling, "There was another sheep in the flock. We often used to fight. Once while fighting I hit him hard and he fell down. Out of sympathy and mercy I helped him to get up but he gave me a tough fight. While fighting both of us fell from hillock and met our end. After that I was born in Parihara. My father was Chaganmal Surana and my mother's name was Hulasi Devi. After sometime his mother passed away. The child was brought up by his paternal aunt at Fatehpur. He did his M.Com from Calcutta.

He got married. Since he objected to the custom of ladies being in veil he was excommunicated. Mrs. Surana followed her husband. They led a dignified life and educated their children. Only then did they come to participate in the festival of Padhihar.

This incident took place when the Preksha Meditation camp was being organized. In order to verify he went to Darjeeling. They asked an old shepherd. The shepherd narrated the same incident. Now it was clear that there was a past, there is the present, hence there will be a future also. He became a believer from being a non believer. The members of his family were followers of Jainism. He tried to read and understand the tenets of Jainism in a very subtle manner. Then he embraced Jainism. He started giving a helping hand in writing Science of Living books. Thus he tried to practice Preksha Meditation and introspection.

It is my personal experience. There are a number of people who have gone through such experiences as that of Mr. Surana. People like Shri Jagatram Bhattacharya, Sakamato of Japan, Yogi from Rishikesh who was a lama in previous birth and many such people who have been able to recall their previous birth. These have been compiled in a book titled 'Journey to the Past' published by ' Adarsh Sahitya Sangh in Delhi'. At the camps that were held at Ladnun, Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur, people experienced and recalled their previous birth.

There were kings and Acharyas who could penetrate into their previous birth through the Preksha Meditation. There are a number of such incidents that have happened in the West/Europe. The author of 'One Soul Many Bodies' has experimented on many people who could recall everything about previous birth through mesmerism.

Once upon a time, in the city of Ujjain a Rath Yatra of a living saint had been organized. This was organized by Arya Mahagiri and Arya Suhasthi. The king Samprati was witnessing the procession from the balcony of his palace. He felt that probably he knew Suhasthi. He started thinking. He started recalling. He felt he had seen him. His stream of consciousness was getting clearer. Then gradually he was able to get into his past birth. He was able to visualize. He realised that he had become king due to the generosity of the benefactor who was none other than Suhasthi. Samprati paid his respects to the acharyaji and asked how he could repay his debt to him? Revered Acharya gave a discourse on the significance of Jainism. The King Samprati introduced the tenets of Jainism to his people. He was initiated into the monastic order and became a follower of Jainism. Monasteries were constructed in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra so that monks and nuns could live. What King Asoka did to establish Buddhism, Samprati did for Jainism.

Some people are able to know about their past. Such incidents are published in dailies. There are samples of such incidents. On October 8, 2006 there appeared one such incident in the Daily Navjyoti. According to that in the village of Misrol of Hodal District there lived Mr. Hiralal who was a teacher in a government school and was working at Deegot village. He had two sons Jogendra and Devendra. He ha^J a daughter named Virvati. Another daughter had died. On 18th January 1987 Hiralal took his son to Hodal to get medicine. He was riding a cycle. While returning a bus hit the cycle, around a blind turning and Hiralal died on the spot and Jogendra was seriously injured.

In another village, Devi Singh had a son. His name was Moti Ram. named Badesera in Deeg, the tehsil of Bharatpur district in Rajasthan. After fourteen years a child was born to Moti Ram. His name was Akash. At the age of two when he started throwing tantrums, even as he was learning to speak. He would say that his family is living in a hut and they were poor. He pestered his mother Saroj and father Devi Singh to take him to his village Misrol.

The child became so adamant that he got fits and started becoming violent. For some time he was given a sedative so that he could forget about these things but after sometime he started it became unsustainable. He even threatened that he would set fire to the house. On seeing his adamant behavior Devi Singh sent a message to the people of village Misrol saying that if anyone knew one Hiralal, his relatives should contact him. Hiralal's elder son was working as a writer in the office of S.D.M. After getting the message they came to Rajasthan and enquired from the child. When the child narrated everything, they could not believe that their father had been reborn as this child. They asked the parents to bring the child to the village of Misrol. On 4th September the members of the family came with the child. The moment the child got down at Misrol, he recognized his wife Chameli Devi. When he came home he opened the almirah and found the diary and narrated many things about the children. People started gathering to see this wonder child. Chameli Devi was so overwhelmed that she felt grateful to God for having introduced to her, her husband in the form of a child. On hearing that Hiralal is reborn in the form of a child made everyone in the family happy and grateful to God. Hiralal's wife Chameli Devi said there were many instances which were narrated by Akash that were known only to Hiralal. Tears of joy flowed but she said that the parents of Akash should keep him as they had the right over him. If they willed they could visit Chameli Devi now and then. Jogendra Singh said that he loved his father. On the day of the accident also he was with his father. They were convinced that the way Akash talked about it, it was sure that his father had been reborn as Akash. Similarly his younger son Devendra Singh said that his father was always worried about the welfare of the family. As he was quite concerned about his family that is how he was reborn as Akash and could remember everything about his life. Virvati the daughter is equally happy to know that her father is reborn as Akash.

Akash's father Devi Singh said that Akash always said that his name was Hiralal when he was just 2 years old. At times he used to talk about his previous birth but people in the family did not take any note of it. But as Akash continued to narrate incidents from his previous birth, the members of his family did not want that people in the neighbourhood to know about it. They went to astrologers. They wanted to consult the tantriks. But once they came to know that Akash did not forget about his past they took it as God's will.

Devi Singh narrated that some of his family members had gone to Nand village for a condolence meeting. The ladies of the village gave the account to the daughters-in-law of Hiralal of a child who calls himself as Hiralal and belongs to Misrol. They also said that he had died in an accident. It was verified and the people of Nand village were convinced that Akash was Hiralal in his previous birth. When people in Misrol learnt about this incident then the family members of Hiralal continued to have contact with Devi Singh in the Badsera village. The elder son Jogendra Singh came in a car to pick up Akash. The moment Jogendra Singh alighted Akash recognized him as his son. On his request the parents of Akash and other elders of the village started for Misrol in Hodal and left at the highway connected to the village. Akash straight away went to his house. On the other hand people in Misrol had come to know of the incident of rebirth of Hiralal and so they also assembled there. The moment Akash went to the house he recognized Chameli (of age 65) as his wife and the two sons. When the elder son called him and said, "O my son come and take seat here" Akash said, "Am I your son or you are my son?" On hearing this everybody was dumbfounded. As soon as he recognized Chameli she became emotional. During conversation he related some of the confidential incidents, which made Chameli feel that Akash was none other than her husband in previous birth of Akash. Hiralal's son Jogendra Singh rang up Akash's parents that there was an atmosphere of joy in their family and that they would help the family of Akash. They requested that they should be allowed to maintain contact and relationship.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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