The Secret of Past Lives: Dr. U.S. Manot and freedom from the physical existence

Published: 11.09.2017

Dr. U.S. Manot is an M.Sc. and PhD from Jaipur. He experienced the incidents of his previous birth but he could realize only up to childhood in the previous birth.

He says:

In the process of cleansing my mind I was able to experience my previous birth. As per commands and instructions I gradually got into the past, the purpose of past life and the past of the present birth. By invocation I could feel the energy travelling through hands. The hands were raised but could not reach the forehead, the centre point. There was vibration in the hands but could not be stable. Probably it was due to physicakimbalance through meditation. I wished to see the green earth but nothing was visible. Though I smelt the scent of roses but there were none. The body was relaxed and I was fearless.

When I wanted to know about the science of difference I felt the closeness to mother earth. There was feeling of non duality. I was one with the earth. I experienced a strong storm. Storm carried with it ashes and it formed a cloud of dust. The experience of fire destroyed anger, greed and sensuousness. The body was rid of all such senses that were destroyed. I reached the childhood of present birth but could not go into the past. There were disturbances in the hall. Meditation got disrupted. The journey was broken. Only the things that were happening could be heard.

Today there were problems right from the beginning. I could not concentrate. I could hear either the conversation of other trainees or the direction of the instructor. Should there be no place for imagination while one meditates. Muni Shri said there is no place for imagination in meditation, whereas the entire body is a bundle of imagination. It has to be with the help of imagination.

While sitting before the mirror and meditating I was disturbed by the repeated coughing by the trainees. Since I was suffering from Osteoarthritis I could not sit in the lounge with concentration.

While trying to use the procedure the hand reached the centre point but after sometime it came down. I could not have any experience of previous birth but could recall the past of this birth. In the field of meditation one has to cleanse one's body, mind and thought. I could have progressed in meditation as per the instructions of Muni Shri but I was so often disturbed by environment and surroundings that I returned to this physical earth.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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