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Posted: 12.11.2017

King Sanjay, who ruled over Kaampilyapur, was fond of hunting and killing birds and beasts indiscriminately.

King Sanjay killing birds, beasts & deers in a forest.

One day, he went to a forest for hunting. He was well-equipped with his four-fold army. On the way, he came across a garden, Keshar, where many deer lived. He killed those innocent, frightened deer and felt very proud of it. Later on, while he was wandering in the garden on his horse, he saw Muni Gardhabhaali absorbed in meditation.

He thought, " By killing the deer of this beautiful garden, I have committed an unpardonable crime." He dismounted from the horse and begged the Muni's pardon for having committed the fault of hunting deer in that garden.

The King accepting monkhood from Muni Gardhabhaali

The Muni was deeply absorbed in meditation; therefore, he did not utter a single word. This frightened the king even more and he thought, "A hermit in his wrath can reduce millions of men to ashes." Once again, the king spoke aloud, "Lord! I am King Sanjay, please say a few words to me."

After having completed his meditation session, the monk said, "Be fearless and also make others fearless. Adopt non-violence and forgive your enemies. Keep control over your desires, realize your entity and give up your lust." The monk further preached about the transitoriness of the worldly life and temporary relationship of relatives. The king was impressed with what he heard and cultivated the feeling of renouncing the materialistic world. He left the kingdom and accepted monkhood from Muni Gardhabhaali. One day, Kshatriya Muni asked Muni Sanjay, "What is your name and lineage? Why have youbecome a monk? How do you serve your Acharya? And how can you be called a polite monk?" Muni Sanjay replied, "My name is Sanjay and my lineage is Gautama. In order to attain emancipation, I have become a monk. My Acharya is Muni Gardhabhaali. I serve him sincerely and follow his preaching, therefore I am polite." After hearing this, Kshatriya Muni gave Sanjay nineteen examples of enlightened great men like Bharat, Sanatkumar, Sagar, etc., who practiced monkhood and attained salvation. He wanted Muni Sanjay to follow the examples, set by these great enlightened men. It is possible only when, one is free from fear and helps to make others fearless.

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