Journey into Jain Aagam ► Tolerance Leads To Achievement

Posted: 27.11.2017

Once upon a time, in the city of Koshambi there lived a Brahman named Yagyadatta. He had two sons, named, Somdatta and Somadeva. Both of them were great scholars of the Vedas.

One day, due to a sudden incident, both made up their minds to become Jain Monks. They took initiation under the guidance of Muni Sambhuti and studied the Jain Aagamas deeply with him.

Once, while they were on their way to a city they came across a village, where the people were addicted to wine. As the monks reached the place, they were offered some beverage mixed with wine. Unknowingly both of them drank it and became intoxicated. Later on, when they gained their senses they repented as they thought, it was their own fault for having chosen such a village to stay in.

Both the monks being swept away by the strong current of the water.

They, then decided to accept'Santhara' to rectify their mistake. After taking this decision, both of them went to the bank of a river. There, both of them accepted Santhara and practiced Kayotsarga. Hardly two days had passed when it started raining heavily and the river flooded over. Both the brothers were swept away by the strong current of water. They were stunned by the sharp strokes of the waves. The gigantic water creatures also harassed them. But both of them tolerated the pain with equanimity and were reborn in heaven.

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