Journey into Jain Aagam ► Control Thyself

Posted: 10.12.2017

Once upon a time, there was a disciple who had been performing penance for one month. He requested his guru to allow him to do Paarana. The Guru told him," Control thyself." The disciple could not

Disciple requesting his Guru to allow him to do paarana.

understand and decided to continue the fast for one more month. On the day of Paarana, his guru again asked him to control himself. So, he resolved to continue his fast for one more month. After completing this trial when the disciple again asked for Paarana, his guru repeated the same words. The disciple became impatient and breaking his fingers in anger, he uttered, "What more can I control? My body is nothing more than a skeleton."

The guru realized that the disciple had not understood his intention of saying, "control thyself." He actually meant to advise him to control his emotions. He did not mean to tell him to continue his fast in order to reduce the weight of his body. The main intention of doing penance is to reduce our attachment and aversion. Merely remaining hungry and troubling the body does not serve the purpose.

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