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Posted: 11.09.2017

The human body holds great importance in the universe. In the Ramayana, Goswami Tulsidas pronouncing the human body priceless, wrote,

Bade bhagya manush tan pava Sur durlabh sadgranthni gava

meaning that just as it is not easy to find right pitch and tone to sing similarly it is not easy to obtain a human body. Thus to declare that only sheer good luck bestows upon us a human body. It is neither an exaggeration nor a matter of surprise. It is a fact that of the 84 lakh beings (yonis) if there is anyone who possess not only a beautiful and healthy body but also a heart and a brain is only the human being.

Man is not able to keep himself healthy all time. The cause of the fluctuation in his health are the seasons. Of the six seasons that are experienced the year round three seasons, summer, winter and the rains, are known to greatly affect health. As the seasons change body is not able to keep up with the fluctuations and thus becomes incapable of standing up to these seasonal changes.

A healthy body is required in all the spheres of human life. Innumerable physical acts are performed daily and all of them with this body. With the grace of the creator this incomparable and valuable body has got the capacity to perform the greatest tasks but only when body and mind are healthy too.

From the mundane to the sublime, all activities are performed by this body. If a person is not healthy he will be able neither to help himself nor anyone else. What can be expected of such a person? He is of no use to society or to the country. Only one who possesses a healthy body can create a healthy society.

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