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Posted: 13.09.2017

An asana is an instrument which helps a person get rid of his physical, mental and emotional discomforts. Regular practice makes an individual strong, enhances vigor and keeps him emotionally balanced.

Importance of Asanas

Asanas have acquired a special importance in our lives. Today's hurried life style gives a person hardly any time to think about his well being. Long and stressful work hours and no rest, are telling on his health. He is deteriorating physically and mentally. In times as these practice of asanas can help him remain healthy and balanced. Daily practice keeps every part of the body fresh and energised. Of all asanas a few asanas are so unique that regular practice can imbue a person with extra vitality. This will help him deal with stress and finally throw it out of his system.

Asanas provide a beautiful, healthy and strong body to the practitioner. In praise of the asanas, it is said that with practice of Siddhasana a human becomes blessed with various spiritual attainments. Mastering the Sthirmukhasana makes for a perfect Siddhasana. When a person remains steady (sthir) like a statue for a minimum of three hours he reaches the state of Siddhasana and while meditating in Siddhasana he is able to witnesses the union of the atma (soul) with the parmatama (god). Since this is the ultimate goal of every life on Earth. No more proof is required to stress the importance of asanas.

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