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Posted: 12.03.2010

Co-existence is a fairly new word (originated in diplomacy) meaning simultaneous existence of two or more sections of the society differing widely in ideology, through a policy of mutual non-interference.

Modern society is generally constituted by people with divergent, and very often opposing views, beliefs and cultures. In the interest of social peace and health, it is essential to develop forbearance and avoid a conflict which is likely to arise due to the clash of opposing or widely differing ideologies.

Such a reconciliation can be the result of a formal agreement or an informal adjustment between two or more groups of divergent religious, political, communal, commercial and cultural ideologies. For an individual, it is a desirable virtue in the form of a positive attitude which can be acquired by the following exercise.

Instructions for the Exercise


Steps nos. 1 to 5 - as in exercise 1.


Focus your full attention on the Centre of Bliss and recite the following sentences for 12 minutes as specified before.

  • I will strive for peaceful co-existence.
  • I will not support destructive or aggressive activities.


As step no. 7 in exercise no.1.

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