Acharanga Bhasyam ► Chapter IX — The Treatment Of Penance ► Section — 3 ► Verses 9-10

Posted: 04.07.2011

9.3.9 uvasaṃkamaṃtamapaḍiṇṇaṃ, gāmamtiyam pi appattaṃ.
paḍiṇikkhmittu lūsiṃsu, etto paraṃ palehitti..

The Bhagavān did not desire a fixed abode or a definite diet. He would go to a village for boarding or lodging only when occasion arose. Sometime it so happened that before he entered a village some people would try to stop him, and even hit him and say—"Why don't you go away from here, and look for some other place?

Bhāṣyaṃ Verse 9

Sometimes it so happened that the Lord was about to enter a village for boarding or lodging, even though he did not make any resolve for fixed abode or definite food. When the Lord was approaching, the villagers, even before he entered the village, would beat him, abuse him and attack him, and would shout—"O naked monk! why do you enter our village[1] get away for another place.[2]

9.3.10 haya-puwo tattha damdena, aduvā mutthinā adu kumtāi-phalenam. adu lelunā kavālenam, hamtā-hamtā bahave kamdimsu..

He was struck with sticks, or with fist or with lansce-head or with slaps or with earth-cold or with potshead. They would cry with joy while striking him once and again.

Bhāṣyaṃ Verse 10

There the Lord was struck by sticks and the like and also by the weapons like lances[2] and slaps. The Lord forebore all such attacks. Many people cried aloud[2] with joy, while they struck him with sticks and the like.[5]

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