Acharanga Bhasyam ► Chapter IX — The Treatment Of Penance ► Section — 4 ► Verse 16

Posted: 10.08.2011

9.4.16 sayameva abhisamāgamma, āyatajogamāyasohīe.
abhiṇivvuḍe amāille, āvakahaṃ bhagavaṃ samiāsῑ.

The self-enlightened Lord attained the state of ayata-yoga i.e., self-restraint of mind, speech and body by means of self-purification and became tranquillized. He was upright in his practice of penance. The Lord remained equanimous throughout his ascetic life of self-discipline.

Bhāṣyaṃ Verse 16

The Lord having realized the truth himself, and having perceived and known the āyatayoga, that is, self-restraint of yoga (activities) through self-purification attained the state of self-restraint of mental vocal and physical activities. As a result, he was tranquillized with respect to sensual objects and passions. The penance was practised by the Lord without self-conceit. [1]  In this way, the Lord led the ascetic life with equanimity for the whole life.

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