Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 164-168 : Forswearing Of Violence

Published: 09.11.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

1.164  se bemi—saṃti saṃpāimā pāṇā, āhacca saṃpayaṃti ya. pharisaṃ cakhalu puṭṭhā, ege saṃghāyamāvajjaṃti.

je tattha saṃghāyamāvajjaṃti, te tattha pariyāvajjaṃti. se tattha pariyāva-jjaṃti, te tattha uddāyamti.

Thus I say: There are insects which fly into air impetuously, some of them are shrivelled by air-touch, faint and eventually die.

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 164

See Sūtras 85.

1.165    etthaṃ satthaṃ samāraṃbhamāṇassa iccete āraṃbhā apariṇṇāyā bhavaṃti.

The person thus indulging in acts of violence does neither comprehend, not abandon them.

1.166 ettha satthaṃ asamāraṃbhamāṇassa iccete āraṃbhā pariṇṇāyā bhavaṃti.

The person not indulging in acts of violence is capable of comprehending and abandoning them.

1.167 taṃ pariṇṇāya mehāvῑ ṇeva sayaṃ vāu-satthaṃ samāraṃbhā, ṇevaṇṇehiṃ vāu-satthaṃ samāraṃbhā, ṇevaṇṇe vāu-satthaṃ samāraṃbhaṃte samaṇu-jāṇejjā.

Comprehending this, an intelligent ascetic should not indulge in violence to the air-bodied beings, nor should he instigate others to do so, nor should he approve of such violence committed by others.

1.168 jassete vāu-sattha-samāraṃbhā pariṇṇāyā, bhavaṃti, se hu muṇῑ pariṇṇaya-kamme. - tti bemi.

The ascetic who comprehends and abandons these acts of violence to the air-bodied beings is indeed an ascetic who has fully comprehended and abandoned all acts of violence.

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtras 165-168

See Sūtras 31 -34.


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