Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 62-74 : The Relinquishment Of Clothes

Published: 27.05.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015
8.62 je bhikkhū dohiṃ vatthehiṃ parivusite pāyataiehiṃ, tassa ṇaṃ ṇo evaṃ bhavati - taiyaṃ vatthaṃ jāissāmi. The monk who abides by the tradition of two pieces of cloth and a bowl does not think: I shall beg for a third piece of cloth. 8.63 se ahesaṇijjāiṃ vatthāiṃ jāejjā. The monk should beg for clothing as acceptable in his respective code of conduct. 8.64 ahāpariggahiyāiṃ vatthāiṃ dhārejā. He should put on clothes as obtained as alms, without altering its size. 8.65 ṇo dhoejjā, ṇo raejjā, ṇo dhoya-rattāiṃ vatthāiṃ dhārejjā. The monk should neither wash nor dye the clothes, nor should he wear what has been washed and dyed. 8.66 apaliuṃcamāṇe gāmaṃtaresu. While wandering from village to village, he should not try to hide his garments. 8.67 omacelie. He uses very ordinary and meagre clothings. 8.68 eyaṃ khu tassa bhikkhussa sāmaggiyaṃ. These are the whole outfits of a clad-monk. 8.69 aha puṇa evaṃ jāṇejjā—uvāikkaṃte khalu hemaṃte, gimhe paḍivanne, ahāparijjuṇṇāiṃ vatthāiṃ pariṭṭhavejjā, ahāparijuṇṇāiṃ vatthāiṃ pariṭṭh-avettā— When the monk finds that winter has passed away and summer has set in, he should discard his tattered and used up clothes and dispose them in the prescribed way. 8.70 aduvā egasāḍe. Or he should wear only one piece of cloth. 8.71 aduvā acele. Or he should be unclad. 8.72 lāghaviyaṃ āgamamāṇe. He should gradually do away with his clothing in consideration of his light outfit (6.63). 8.73 tave se abhisamannāgae bhavati. The nude monk fit for practising the austerities in a right manner (6.64). 8.74 jameyaṃ bhagavatā paveditaṃ, tameva abhisameccā sawato sawattāe samattameva samabhijāṇiyā. The monk should realise nudity exactly as the Lord has propounded, and practise equality in its completeness and in all respects (6.65). Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtras 62-74

See Bhāsyam Sūtra 43-56.


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