Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 39-42 : Forswearing Kindling Fire

Published: 20.05.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

8.39 se bhikkhū kālaṇṇe balaṇṇe māyaṇṇe khaṇaṇṇe viṇayaṇṇe samayaṇṇe pariggahaṃ amamāyamāṇe kāleṇuṭṭhāī apaḍiṇṇe.

The monk should comprehend the proper time for the alms' round, the condition of his health, the quantity of food, the proper place of begging, proper behaviour while begging, discipline of begging, the doctrine and the attitude of the giver. He should not have any attachment to alms. He should practice the discipline in proper time and should be free from selfish motive and prejudice. (2.110).

8.40 duhao chettā niyāi.

Desisting from both lust and hatred, the monk treads on the discipline. (2.111)

8.41 taṃ bhikkhuṃ sīyaphāsa-parivevamāṇagāyaṃ uvasaṃkamittū gāhāvaī būyā - "āusaṃto samaṇā! ṇo khalu te gāmadhammā uvvāhaṃti?" "āusaṃtoi gāhāvaī! ṇo khalu mama gāmadhammā uvvāhaṃti. sīyaphāsaṃ ṇo khalu ahaṃ saṃcāemi ahiyāsittae. ṇo khalu me kappati agaṇikāyaṃ ujjālettae vā pajjālettae vā, kāyaṃ āyāvettae vā payāvettae vā aṇṇesiṃ vā vayaṇāo.

The householder may approach the monk who is trembling due to touch of cold and ask, uO long-lived monk! are you oppressed by sexual excitement?" "O long-lived householder! I am not oppressed by sexual excitement. I am unable to tolerate the touch of cold. This is only my body which trembles. It does not behoove me to kindle or light the fire to warm up or heat my body. I cannot also warm or heat my body by fire on the advice of others."

8.42 siyā se evaṃ vadaṃtassa paro agaṇikāyaṃ ujjālettā pajjālettā kāyaṃ āyāvejja vā payāvejja vā, taṃ ca bhikkhū paḍilehāe āgamettā āṇavejjā aṇāsevaṇāe.—ttibemi.

After the monk has spoken thus, the householder may kindle or light the fire to warm or heat his body. The monk should, keeping in view the spiritual commandment, say to the householder. 'I cannot avail myself by fire."

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtras 39-42

Meaning of these sutras is obvious.[1]


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