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Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtra 99 : The Dhūta Of Forbearance

Published: 20.04.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

6.99 se gihesu vā gihaṃtaresu vā, gāmesu vā gāmaṃtaresu vā, nagaresu vā nagaraṃtāsu vā, jaṇavaesu vā jaṇavayaṃtaresu vā, saṃtegaiyā jaṇā lūsagā bhavāṃti, aduvā—phāsāphusaṃti tephāse, puṭho vīrohiyāsae.

Staying in or wandering between houses, in or between villages, in or between towns, in or between countries, a monk is tortured by people, Or is subject to the natural hardships of monastic life. The heroic monk should bear these hardships.

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 99

Forbearance is the highest virtue of the life of a monk, therefore it is repeatedly asserted that the monk is a valiant person not wanting in energy, being capable of observing monkhood. While seated in a house or the like, standing in the pose of physical abandonment, or wandering on the path, he is attacked by the plunderers,[1] that is, trouble-makers. People who cause agreeable hardships are the plunderers of self-restraint. People who cause disagreeable hardships are the torturers of the body. 'Touches' mean hardships of cold and heat, and bitings of gnats and mosquitoes etc. He endures when touched by them.


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Jain Vishwa Bharati

Ladnun- 341 306 (Raj.) India © Jain Vishva Bharti

ISBNS 1-7195-74-4

First Edition:2001

Courtesy :
Shree Chhotulal Sethia Charitable Trust Sethia House, 23/24,
Radha Bazar Street, Kolkata-700 001 (INDIA)

Printed by:
Shree Vardhaman Press
Delhi (INDIA)

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