Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 42-43 : Diverse Propensities Of Man

Published: 22.12.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

3.42 aṇegacitte khalu ayaṃ purise, se keyaṇaṃ arihae pūraittae.

The person indeed has various thoughts. He wishes to fill up the perforated sieve.

Bhāṣyaṃ  Sūtra 42

The non-vigilant person overwhelmed by greed is possessed of a mind distracted by many desires. His mind is engaged in many types of activities leading to earning of money. He desires to fill up the sieve (which is impossible).

The material sieve is a filter, while the mental one is desire. The implication is that a person with his mind agitated by greed and desires is unable to distinguish between what is accessible and what is inaccessible, and indulges in the performance of the inaccessible too. Otherwise how could the insatiable desire can be satisfied. As has been said in the Uttarādhyayana: "There may be innumerable mountains of gold and silver as big as the mountain Kailāśa, but a greedy person is not at all satisfied with them, because his desire is infinite like space."[1]

"There is greed in proportion to the gain, i.e., the greed increases along with gain. A purpose that could be satisfied by means of 34 grains of gold (but due to excessive greed) could not be fulfilled even by means of ten millions."[2]

The desire cannot be satisfied by greed. A person cannot conquer sleep by indulging in it. He cannot conquer his hunger by excessive eating. A person clung to desires cannot be satisfied by any amount of fulfilment of the desires.[3]

    3.43 se aṇṇavahāe aṇṇapariyāvāe aṇṇapariggahāe, jaṇavayavahāe jaṇavaya- pariyāvāe jaṇavayapariggahāe.

    The greedy person indulges in killing, torturing and taking possession of other beings; he also indulges in killing, torturing and occupying the country.

    Bhāṣyaṃ  Sūtra 43

    The person of manifold desires earns money by various means. Some of those means are mentioned here:

    (1) Killing others - E.g., the thieves rob money of the rich by killing them.

    (2) Torturing others - Some people rob somebody of his money by torturing him with weapons.

    (3) Possession of others - Forcible possession of male and female slaves, workers and helpless women, depriving them of their independence.

    (4-5) Ravishment and torture of the country—For example, some kings overpowered by greed indulgence in ravishing and torturing the country.

    (6) Occupation of the country—Some people are infatuated with mine- ness such as 'this kingdom or state belongs to me', and consequently forcibly usurp an alien country.


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