The Jaina Doctrine of Karma And The Science Of Genetics ► [1.2] The Science Of Genetics ► ▪ The Development Of Genetics

Posted: 12.12.2008

Jaina Biology indicates that parental characters are transmitted through both the sperm and egg.[91] It is suggestive from this fact that inheritance is governed by units (factors) present in the cells of each individual as is evidenced by the embriogenic development[92] and the transmission of parental characters or traits. This contention of Biology on the development of genetics is implied in the Jaina view when the details of cell division and fertilization are known from the evidences furnished by Jaina Biology.[93] It should be noted in this connection that the growth of each plant or animal is due to cell divisions plus increases in the size of the cells which comprise the organism. The division of cell is an extremely regular process called mitosis[94] in modern biology.

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