The Jaina Doctrine of Karma And The Science Of Genetics ► [6.1] Eradication Of Karma - Saṁvara ► ● Gupti (Restraint of Activity)

Posted: 12.08.2009

Gupti [4] means restraint. Samiti helps us to regulate our activities, while Gupti helps us to further restrain or curb activities of mind, speech and body. There are 3 types of gupti:

  1. Mano Gupti (restraint of the activities of mind)

    One must restrain extreme grief, anger, joy and anxiety (Asarkalpanāviyogī). One must restrain oneself from the effects of the love and hate, and pain and pleasure (samatābhāvinī). One must be restrained and think steadily, not of external things, but of one's own soul.

  2. Vacana Gupti (restrain of speech)

    One must restrain speech by observing a vow of silence (maunavalabhī) for a certain number of days or by speaking as little as possible and only when absolutely necessary (vākniyamī).

  3. Kaya Gupti (restrain of physical activities)

    One must be careful and should restrain one's physical activities as per rules laid down in the scriptures (Yathasūtra Cestāniyami).
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