The Jaina Doctrine of Karma And The Science Of Genetics ► [2.1] Life In The Science Of Karma ► ▪ Prāṇa (vitalities) and Paryāpti (sufficiencies)

Posted: 24.01.2009

All the activities like food intake, thinking, prattling etc. are performed with the help of prāṇa (vital breath) and paryāpties (sufficiencies). For example, man makes effort to speak and that is thought to be vital energy. Following that effort the power that gathers atoms convertible into speech is called speech-sufficiency. Food sufficiency and life vitality, mind sufficiency and mind vitality, body sufficiency and body vitality, speech vitality and speech sufficiency all are mutual relative. This brings us to the conclusion that all the activities those are performed by creatures through their physical bodies are possible only through the association of spiritual power and physical power both.

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