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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 05 ►True Essence of Non-Violence

Published: 04.06.2020

Generally ‘non-violence has a negative connotation’. हिंसाअहिंसा’(non + violence = non-violence). Lack of violence is non- violence. This is the sole definition of non-violence. If we want to define it more clearly then we need to understand its association with both positive and negative. The way not killing a living creature is valuable, more valuable is not to think ill about any living creature. Thinking ill is violence. Speak to understand its association with both positive and negative. Thinking ill is violence. Speaking ill is violence. Whatever lies are spoken are being inspired by the thoughts of violence. Akin to ill thinking and speaking ill of someone, doing ill also comes under the purview of violence, no matter whom it is directed towards. Man is born with both positive and negative instincts. Any instinct that becomes associated with negativity becomes violence oriented.

Resentment and malice for others, thinking or causing others harm, preventing others from making progress all fall in the category of violence. To intimidate others, to discourage them and glorifying the miserable situation before them and retarding the growth of their development also come under the purview of violence. To undermine and prevent such malicious tendencies from occurring is one of the ideals of non-violence. This is the negative connotation of non- violence.

The positive connotation of non-violence includes equality, kingship, and restraint and so on. Here non-violence is not merely restricted to an act of not killing a living creature. Where such associations come the great essence of non-violence gets restricted within a fixed limit. Samta (equality) extends to an infinite space.

Friendship or kingship can only thrive in such an infinite space. It gives rise to divine feeling. Only a man who has attained such a state can follow the principles of non-violence. A person who doesn’t discriminate between big and small, favourable and hostile situations and treats every living creature equally, is truly a non-violent person. One who sets himself free from all dualities and who doesn’t indulge in ill thoughts and. resentment is truly a non-violent person.

Such a non-violent person neither causes harm to anyone nor does he create problems for others, nor does he try to dominate someone. Such a man transforms all three instincts—mind, speech and activities and turns them pure.

Non-violence is the ultimate ideal of life. In a non-violent environment many other virtues are born. Even truth rotates around non-violence. Non-stealing becoming the natural outcome of following this ideal. Celibacy becomes its companion. Non- attachment becomes a part and parcel of it. Practicing non-violence relentlessly all other virtues are inculcated.
Non-violence is such an impenetrable citadel that prevents the blows of animosity, competition, hatred, fear and attachment. One who attains to it leads. Such a non-violent person leads a peaceful life. He remains unaffected by the memories of the past and future anxieties. Guided by the thought of defending one’s existence and expansion of one’s self he cannot take any wrong decision.

Worshipping non-violence is good for both one’s self and others. The soil where non-violence is established getting born there dispels the feelings of animosity. People who oppose the ideals of non- violence can only be transformed in such an environment.

In a country or society where non-violence is not valued no human values can be established. For mankind to prosper relief, refuge, speed and establishment of such values, non-violence is required. A person who is non-violent gets aware and sets himself free from all differences 'जागरवेरोवरए’. Non-violence is a doorway to happiness that removes violence, disappointment and turmoil of all kinds. To understand the nature of non-violence and to internalize the values of it is the realization of life.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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