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Published: 30.06.2020

This is life

What is life? What sustains and flows is life. Where the cycle of life and death go on, is life. This is external life. There is another life that remains inside a creature. This is a life of thoughts. The biggest kingdom here belongs to greed. Anger, ego, delusion and such other negative trails also dwell here with their family. But they exist in co-operation with greed. The more intense the greed is the deeper the roots go of anger, ego, delusion and so on.

In the outside world the kingdom of plants and vegetation is the biggest but it is not active. As far as normal movement is concerned, the tiniest of atoms can also move. But the strange and the subtle creatures do not move consciously. The option of moving with awareness is only available to the active creatures. From this point of view it has been quoted in ‘Again’ एस संसारे त्ति पवुच्चई'! Active creatures movewith awareness that’s why they have been called world in themselves. The light enters through the window of senses.
There are myriad factors drawing the line of difference between active and non-active creatures. One of them is the development of knowledge. Non-mobile creatures have the only medium of inferring knowledge and that is through the senses. There are five senses. The only sense that is active in non-mobile creatures is the sense of touch. This state is the state of least development. If they lack even that sense then there remains no medium for them to transmit consciousness. If a small window opens in a dark store room then spine rays of sun reach there. In similar way conscious creatures prove their existence through the window of senses. Non-mobile creatures prove their being alive through the medium of the sense of touch and also infer knowledge through it.

Among active creatures there is a flexibility in consciousness through which they gain knowledge. Some creatures gain knowledge through two senses while some others infer through four or five senses. It can also be said that they prove their existence through all these mediums. There is a group among active creatures which is known as Trans mundane. Their consciousness develops so much that they do not have to depend on their senses to infer knowledge. Their consciousness becomes well adept in perceiving even distant object.

Among other mobile creatures the medium of inferring knowledge is developed and to express their existence there is a gross medium available. Talking, walking, shrinking, expanding, getting afraid, fleeing, sensing the situation and so on are different factors that prove their being alive. Even after having such clarity of their being alive such active creatures are killed intentionally and sometimes unnecessarily.

Sword in the Hand of Monkeys

Who kill mobile creatures? Mobile creatures are the ones who inflictfortune upon other mobile creatures, often kill them. Mobile creatures are in great peril and at risk from their own fellow-beings. Humanbeings are in danger from their own fellow-beings. Women only insult and ignore women. The living example of it is abortion. Newspaper articles often get published over the acts of terrorism and the acts of mass killing. Terrorists kill which is directly seen. But shortly after ultra-sonography so many girl children are stripped off their life mercilessly is the incidents that never get accountable or discussed for that matter. The examination of embryo that ensures its health isa means (sonography) that is posing a threat to its existence now. It seems a sword has been handed over to a monkey.

Wise Utilization of Power Taken Place through Conscience

A king once recruited a monkey in his palace. He was given a sword. He was entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the king’s relaxation and to ensure no one disturbed him when he rested. The monkey was very happy. He got a place to stay in the palace. He could have delicious food to eat and considered him fortunate enough to become the king’s bodyguard.

One afternoon the king was taking rest after his lunch. The king fell asleep for a while. The monkey felt as if some fly had sat over the king’s nose. He tried to fly it away but it did not move. The monkey got angry; he lifted the sword to strike it. At the same time a thief who had hidden himself in the room snatched the sword away from the monkey. The thief had been observing what the monkey had taken to be a fly was in fact, the snot that had formed over the king’s nostril.

It happened like this that a thief had entered into the palace that day. He entered but was unable to locate the exit. He was trying to find his way out but the sun had already set in. A big chaos took place outside the palace. The thief somehow caught his breath and hid himself in some corner of the palace. He was thinking of rescuing himself, so he was looking helter-skelter to find his way out. Seeing the action of the monkey he could not control himself. He pounced upon him and snatched the sword out of his hand. The king was saved.

Before the thief could move away the king awoke. He opened his eyes, catching hold of a stranger before his eyes his amazement knew no bound. He asked, ‘Who are you? How did you come here? The thief confided everything in detail before the king. The story must have continued ahead, but the present analogy proves this much that the way the monkey was desperate to mutualize the sword in as much the same way the women have also begun to mutualize a scientific invention over their own sex. This tendency is certainly fatal for the entire female race.

The Pang of Atrocity

Generally it is said that women are exploited by men. In patriarchy having such notions is not unnatural. But if observed minutely then in undermining woman, women are only found active.

It is beyond comprehension how a girl shortly after her birth becomes a burden? It is said that one who is born brings his own fortune with him. Then how on earth a girl’s birth affects one’s predicament. Akin to birth on the occasion of marriage women only make a big hue and cry concerning dowry. They forget their past and their own daughters as well.

Shortly after going to in-laws if a bride fails to adjust herself properly then the, responsibility of criticizing her is also entrusted to a woman. It is a far cry to encourage a girl or show her the right ways on the contrary they remain busies to find any loophole and in finding thus they make it a big issue. In doing such things women have become an expert but if they had utilized the same energy on creative realms then the position of the entire female race would have radically changed. It is only possible when they would change their perspective towards their own race.

In the last few years a change in education and values has been observed but the new tradition of ultra sonography has opened some new avenues of crimes. The society relying on non-violence and human rights must come forward to take some strict measures in this direction or the pang of women exploitation would keep on affecting their future generations as well.

Where did the Insensitivity come from?

Man is a sensitive being. He lives in family or society; he suffers the pang of it. But the situation is changing. The relationships in family and society are breaking. Man is turning even more self-centred. He stands aloof and watches others suffering. His heart remains untouched by it. Even if there is a reaction it is a different kind of reaction.

Once Swami Ramteertha went to Japan. He met a person with whom he was well-acquainted. They were conversing when he received the news of his factory being set on fire. This news turned him bewildered. He started weeping. He told Swami Ramteertha while crying that his property worth crores has been burnt.

Swamiji tried to pacify him. At the same time his son arrived looking for him. Seeing his father crying and weeping he said, ‘Pitaji(Father) it is true that our factory has been burnt, but we had already sold it away. No sooner had he heard these words than his tears stopped. Swamiji kept on observing him. Before the conversation between father and son could go ahead the man’s other son arrived. He also told him about the fire. The father said, ‘Don’t worry. We have sold the factory.’ The son said, ‘Pitaji (father), we haven’t sold the factory yet. We were supposed to sell it.’ Hearing it he again became depressed.

Swamiji observed and thought, ‘This world is also a circus. One cries over one’s loss and laughs over others losses. The misery is not of the loss but is of the ego. Any person or object that doesn’t belong to one if it is destroyed then the mind is not affected at all. Where had this insensitivity come from? The heat of selfishness has drained the feeling of happiness and misery concerning others. Why would such a person devoid of sensitivity try to save himself from the violence caused to mobile creatures?

Taking Vow Eradicates the Conditioning of Violence

The violence that is indispensable to sustain life is almost impossible to renounce in the life of a family person. But the violence caused for embellishment and make up is beyond my comprehension. Is beauty even more important than the life of mute innocent animals and birds? Undermining natural means of beauty and attraction for beauty products that involves killing innocent animals reveal the cruelty hidden in the mind of human beings.

Whether it is a rabbit or a scorpion, a snake or a sheep, the way they are killed ruthlessly, to discern such scenes is a far cry but even hearing such incidents shake one’s consciousness. But those human beings who believe in artificial beauty, how they would realize the pain of such innocent lives.

There are many such reasons for which human beings cause violence being blind-folded. Sometimes man causes violence for his needs, sometimes merely for entertainment while at other times he descends into the mire of violence for his hobby. To change the consciousness of violence is not easy because its conditioning is deeply embedded in human consciousness since time immemorial. Only through the training of transforming such values and establishing the perception of saving oneself from violence can consolidate the vow of refraining oneself from violence.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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