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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 29 ►Non-Violence is Universal

Published: 16.06.2020

Non-violence is an enteral value of life. To seek happiness for one self, one must not ruin happiness of others, is its ideal. This ideal is often drawn as an example but very few people are able to attain this state. To consolidate this value the energy of non-violence needs to be generated. To make non-violence universal is a new step taken for this purpose.
‘Non-violence is universal’ carries no glory of it; it carries no definition and explanation of it. It carries the learning of non-violence and application of it. It is because of its practical implementation that this statement is a scientific proposition.

The so-called non-violent people had sung the glory of it but they remained unaware of its power. They neither took any proper training of it nor did they apply it. How on earth could they? Their own belief on the power of non-violence is perturbed. As long as one’s belief on any ideal is not strengthened how can one implement it on one’s life? To consolidate one’s faith on non-violence ‘Non- violence is universal’ (Ahimsa Sarvbhaum) can play a vital role. It must be established not merely in a city or a village but almost in every house.

Some people ask what non-violence has been doing so far. Has it been able to create a peaceful kingdom anywhere? Let’s quit this topic for a while. I would ask a question, has violence been able to create a peaceful kingdom anywhere? Non-violence hitherto has not been applied in a structured form anywhere. Wherever its implementation was done in a small scale, positive results came. But so much strength of powerful nations is being put on violence. So many scientists have devoted their life over it. It took so much of time, a lot of money was spent and a lot of effort was also put. What was the result? Creation of destructive atomic weapons.

There are so many laboratories for violence, plenty of training centres and end number of centres for practice. What did they all do except spreading terror? The restlessness, the growing fear, the anguish, had they been able to establish peace? In my view even if a small part of this effort was invested for non-violence then it would have generated such creative power that would be quite startling.

Those who believe in violence, seek pleasure in material accumulation and ignore the values that develop humanity, they would realize the power of non-violence, be able to apply it, must not be expected. But those who ardently believe in non-violence are well aware of its preventive power and want to live it with full devotion are also not able to utilize the power of non-violence. This is something to be worried about. The terror of violence is not merely confined to any particular nation rather it engulfs the whole world. According to the statistical data humanity has been able to lead a peaceful life since 3600 B.C for about 292 years. In the midst some 14,513 small and big battles had been fought. In those battles some three million people lost their lives.

The famous scientists Kart Sagon and Paul Krutzen in their report submitted to the United Fund Organization of American Congress reveal that the nuclear power that has been accumulated by powerful nations will lead to big disasters even if one percent of it is utilized.

After the atomic explosion the dreadful black clouds will engulf the world with freezing cold. The long seasons of cold will begin. The major part of the world will retreat into snow age. There will be no trace of any life on earth.

On one hand there is hankering for peace and on the other the creation of lethal nuclear weapons; such a dichotomy is being nurtured in the world. To break this dichotomy endeavours like ‘Non-violence is universal (Ahimsa Sarvbhaum) are required.

The purpose of ‘Ahimsa Sarvbhaum’ is to purify, train and apply in the sphere of non-violence. If followers of non-violence make an ideal of all these three virtues and work then certainly it will yield some positive results and will provide relief to the terror stricken world.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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