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Published: 20.06.2020

India is such a country where people of different caste, creed and religion reside. Being a secular nation everyone gets equal right to survive and grow. In spite of living in different environment they are all strewn with the thread of nationality. This is a wonderful and unique example of unity in diversity. In this country there is a big community of Sikhs. The president of Akali Harchand Singh Longowal in Sikh community has popularity. According to his tradition he is a saint. His physical presence also emanates sainthood. There had been efforts made to conduct a meeting between him and me for a long time. He was also inspired to do this. The purpose was to make an effort to find out an amicable solution of Punjab dispute.

Meeting with Saint Longowal

Punjab dispute is no longer confined within its own territory, but has got connected with the whole nation. It has disrupted law everywhere, and has been a cause of terror. The violent events are taking place at random. The want and need of peace is being felt everywhere across the nation. If I could contribute a little effort on my part in a crisis like this, it would be a pleasure. This is the reason behind which I decided to meet Shri Longowal. In this auspicious act Shubh Karan Dasani became the medium. This event was not kept a secret from Central Government.

Amet (Mewar) saint Longowal reached with simple devotion and faith. Although he had met me once before but it was not a personal meeting. In the year 1978 1 had been to Chandigarh. Prakash Singh Badal had been -the Chief Magister of Punjab then. On 2nd May I had a program to be conducted in the hall of Bidhan Sabha during afternoon. ln that event the Chief Minister Shri Badal, the Minister Mr.Balaraj Tandon and most of the members of Vidhan Sabha were present. Shri Longowal was also there. Some old blurred memories of past lives suddenly emerged in the mirror of consciousness that foretold our divine connection that we share.

Before meeting him I had no idea what saint Longowal had been thinking. He came and met me in a formal manner then went for his lunch. Exactly at 4 O' clock we began our conversation. Among the participants Yuvacharya Mahapragya, SaadhviPramukh, Kanak Prabha, Surjit Singh Bamala and Dasani were also present.

Much Awaited Conversation

Before our conversation I expressed my wish to listen to him. He narrated a short synopsis of Punjab ’s situation and his own perception over the matter. I told him, “our meeting is of saints not that of politicians and that’s why there must not be any hesitation in expressing our views clearly. If we go for a formal conversation, there would not be much benefit. After that he clearly expressed his views. It seemed that he held certain grievances against the government. Although he was very courteous and decent in expressing his views and not for a single moment he got excited but still his mental state expressed clearly that he was not satisfied with the government.

I had decided to make a point clear before Longowalji arrived that Punjab’s dispute should be resolved by mutual conversation and not by violence. For that I needed to transform his mind. When he told about their demands then I felt that those demands were not so dangerous that they could not be considered. But before getting those demands fulfilled he felt the need of going for a face-to-face conversation.

When I cordially explained him then he said, ‘Acharyaji! There is no point talking at length. I had talked a number of times before. As long as the government’s policies are not reformed no solution would come out of it.”

The Hope

Even after getting a straightforward reply I did not lose hope. I asked him, 'Whom did you talk to?' He said, “I had a conversation with Indiraji. I told him, 'Now, Rajivji is there in place of lndiraji’. When I said this he replied, ‘What great difference would be there in mother and son? I said, ‘As far as I am concerned there is a great difference between Rajivji and Indiraji. My conviction is that if there is a conversation now it would not go futile. Rajivji’s words will satisfy you. If you wish to prolong that dispute it will neither be beneficial for the Sikhs, nor Punjab and nor will it be beneficial for the government. If it is prolonged then the anti-social groups will take advantage of it. So whatever has to be done needs to be done quickly? We should not delay the matter further”. My words consoled the saint to a great extent.

In the second step of conversation Santji said, “If a saint like you visit Punjab then we may resolve the issue pretty fast’. I said, ‘It is not possible for me to visit Punjab immediately because I never go anywhere during my Chaturmas’. Yes, I have got some of my saints there. I may instruct them to work following this point of view. At the time of operation Blue star many well-wishers suggested not to send monks and nuns there and those who are already there must be sent transferred to Haryana or Rajasthan. But I didn’t accept their proposal and on the contrary when I felt the necessity I sent a few ‘groups there with a mission.’ This way we talked at length almost for two hours fifteen minutes peacefully, concerning the welfare of our nation. When we finished talking and stepped outside some reporters were waiting. They showered me with questions. I said, ‘We had talked in a favourable environment. I can see some positive consequences. There was no disappointment in our talks whatsoever.

Transformation of Mind

There was a public meeting that very night. Almost fifteen thousand people fixed their gaze keenly. In that meeting Uvacharji expressed his views along with Bamalaji. Longowal spoke in pure Punjabi. His statements were translated in Hindi by Bamalaji. He said, ‘I felt I have been connected with you for the past few lives. After arriving here my state of mind has changed. Some people asked, ‘How did you come here?’ I replied them—I was interested to meet Acharyaji and so was he, so I came here. I have got peace from coming here.
In my discourse I explained the importance of non-violence and said ‘our discussion took place from a complete non-political view point. I am neither an agent of government nor am I associated with any party. I am keen to work unconditionally for the welfare of mankind. I am delighted that Santji had interpreted all my words in a positive frame of mind. The summary of our discussion was that our conversation is executed and violence be openly condemned.

Happy Incident

After successful accomplishment of the program we again sat for an hour. Before leaving he again said, ‘Achaiyaji! If you can’t come to Punjab during chaturmas then please visit there shortly after the completion of your Chaturmas’. I was not in a position to give himany word so I avoided the topic. After visiting us whoever Santji visited he spoke of our meeting with great interest. All the newspapers of our nation also laid importance over the matter.

The final conclusion, which was drawn after having talked to Longowalji, was sent to the Home Minister Shankar Rao Chauhan. He probably might have informed the matter to the higher hierarchy. Shortly after the news of compromise over Punjab dispute s read happiness across the country.

Shortly after this incident the Home Minister reached Amet. After his arrival he congratulated me saying, ‘You have tried your best to resolve Punjab dispute, for this I would like to offer gratitude on government’s behalf and also on my part.’ The Home Minister said during our conversation, ‘Acharyaji! There are certain other disputes that still need to be resolved for which your co-operation is very necessary.'

The arrival of Home Minister, his decent way of talking and offering me respect is not a very big deal. The real achievement is the solution of Punjab dispute. Although there were some people who were not in agreement with this compromise but still I believe that with little effort we could also make them understood. With every solution there arise few problems. The most important point is that the way our government a Santji handled the dispute was really worth celebrating for our nation.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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