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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 66 ►The Path of Reducing Violence

Published: 04.07.2020

The modem perspective presents a sutra - Struggle is indispensable in life. The other sutra is—intense wish is desirable for development. Excessive desires and expectations are the edifice that creates a lot of material objects. In modern language it can be said, ‘Struggle and expansion of desires, based on these two principles, the entire infrastructure of life rests. In ancient language this factor can be presented this way, violence and accumulation are the pillars of life.

The Base of Life

The thought process of ‘Anubrat’ is somewhat different from it. The philosophy of ‘Anubrat’ is based on some 2500 year old thought of Lord Mahavira. According to this perspective struggle is not the base of life. The base of life is— non-violence, love, compassion and kinship. Although this point cannot be denied that violence is caused in life. But there is a difference between acceptances of this phenomenon and the acceptance of the other perspective. The base and indispensability are two different aspects. According to the perception of Anubrat violence can" be indispensable but can never be the base of life. As a result, the indispensability of violence is available at the level of body but in the level of mind it cannot be supported. It is for the simple reason that it is not the base of life.

For a Jaina Shravak the most important of all is to renounce violence. The significance of getting over violence is to reduce violence. Even after the indispensability of violence has been accepted the step taken towards reduction of violence clearly proves that the base of life is not violence but non-violence, love and friendship.

Anubrat’s Indication of a Path

Anubrat is a practical application. It gives us a key to reduce violence. Social peace, the development of life and the security provided for existence, to establish this factors this sutra is always applicable. In a social system where this sutra was not applied cultural perils emerged as a threat. There has been a cause behind obscurity of ancient cultures and civilization and that was a degeneration of human values. To stop this lack of equilibrium this principle of reducing violence has to be approved. This principle is not merely valuable from the view point of religion but also valuable socially and culturally. That is the reason why it is imperative to break the consistency of violence.

The development of culture begins so that violent forces are not concentrated. Where violence gets concentrated, reaches the epitome and touches the last point, from that point only the decadence of culture begins. In protest against consolidation of concentrated violence and its consequences only ‘Anubrat’ has raised 'voice in reducing violence. It fulfils all the indispensable needs destroying the irrelevant or negative factors.

Towards Greater Violence

Some political methods accept violence at the stratum of thoughts if not at the layer of life. Some religious platforms also accept violence at the stratum of thoughts. According to them one’s thoughts and religion can be imposed. If someone doesn’t accept it then also they do not hesitate to dissuade that person. From the perception of Anubrat to create a healthy society both the aforesaid theories become refutable or undesirable. To approve violence at the stratum of thoughts is to provide infinite impetus to violence. In my view religious freedom and freedom of thoughts are natural. The differences in the circumference of thoughts are also natural. In a different environment one may assent or explain one’s view but imposing one’s thoughts cannot be done expediently. Due to this the tradition of violence that goes on never breaks and becomes even more, intense. This violence is not even indispensable like farming and so on. From one point of view it is a step towards greater violence.

Lord Mahavira has said, 'Greater violence becomes the reason to create hell'. If the spiritual defamations of heaven and hell are set aside for a while and thought over then there is no difficulty in asserting that enhancement of violence turns life into hell. A lie affected by hellish pain and fear turns the person even more disoriented. As a consequence of misbalance social and cultural values also get degenerated and human consciousness falls into the pothole of mire and gets buried.

The principle of reducing violence is the development of the principle of purgation of self for penance. No matter how praiseworthy the attainable object is but if the medium is not pure then the effort can never be desirable. The purpose of a socialist system is to provide enough facilities to a large number of people. Some religious cults have a purpose of incorporating a large number of persons to walk on the path of religion by hook or by crook. To fulfil such purposes eliminating the existence of some persons is not desirable.

To put an end to one-another’s supremacy a series of murders are caused. It plants the values of violence in human consciousness. The creation of the values of violence and the incessant flow of it are direct invitation to establish greater violence.

The Factors of Social Health

The religious forums which believe in the principle of changing one’s religion, they can never comprehend the true essence of religion. They deem cult or group more important than religion. In communal obstinacy the indulgence that violence gets is even more lethal.

In this situation the ideal way is to purge both the means and the attainable, reduce violence. In a society where endeavours would be made to reduce violence the worries and anxiety would automatically come to an end. Incidents such as murder would also not be indulged. To pose threat to others existence for the nourishment of ego and such other feelings would not be there and negation of living in harmony would ‘also not be there in such a society. ‘Anubrat’ can never consider violence as the base of life. Those who believe in it they can never provide any props to the social life. The factors that make social life healthy are— equality, friendship, love, mutual co-operation and living in harmony. They can only be established when violence would be reduced to the least.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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