Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 78 ►Application of Non-Violence is Desirable

Published: 10.07.2020

The consequence of making more lethal advanced weapons has been already seen. The way arsenals and ordnance factories have been improvised and developed in the last forty years perhaps it has never been done in the entire history of mankind. The consequence is also right in front of us. People used to think before that whoever carries more weapons would be more powerful. This notion of development of arms has given rise to a competition. More and more sophisticated and lethal arms were manufactured. More or less the entire world fell prey to this vicious circle. Although the pioneers of it were Soviet Russia and America but these two nations incorporated the whole world in it. Did it create peace? The more arms were manufactured the more turmoil there was. Many efforts were made by United Nations Organization to avoid using arms at a random rate, many meetings were organized for this but no positive result came.

Tendency of Waging War must be erased

The meeting between Gorbachev and Reagan has shown a new horizon. Although it cannot be said how much plea for peace is involved and how much politics is involved in this endeavour, it can be predicted only in future. No one is unaware of the destructivity that arms cause. Arms are of two dimensional natures, the first dimension of which is tendency of causing war. As long as the perspective of waging war is not changed there should be no use of controlled usage of arms. In the declaration letter UNO it has been written, ‘The concept of war first sprouts in the human mind so as to erase war, the first requisite is to erase this frame of mind.’

Peace is Religion

A peaceful mind is only true religion. Religion is not confined to rituals. Religion is the innermost peace in human beings. It is true that politics can be a medium of creating peace for the mass but the peace of mass passes through each and every individual’s peace. As long as individual doesn’t become peaceful politics doesn’t stop from leading him through endless valleys of abysmal depth so the reign of peace for mass cannot be handed over to the politics alone. Even though religion of today doesn’t seem to take interest in this direction. This indicates the inactivity of religion. Now-a-days each person is in turmoil and politics has handed over arms in his hand to add fuel to the fire.

The question is where from the journey of peace should start? Although some possibilities have come forth on behalf of politics that have created an atmosphere conducive to peace but it has to be observed what consequence does it bring?

Politics, Science and Religion

Without politics man’s life cannot go on. Similarly without spirituality also man cannot function. Between religion and politics there is science. Today science is being used by politics. This is only creating an atmosphere of chaos and turmoil. I want that science must be inspired by spiritually. For this some personalities need to be created who along with being a scientist would also have a spiritual bent of mind. From this point of view we have started a new experiment this year. The name of this experience is ‘Yogashem Varsha’.

Traditions must be made Stronger

‘Yogashem Varsha’ is an annual celebration of my expression of seventy-five years of my life but this year is celebrated by our religious commune as celebration of wisdom. This occasion has not been given an organized form rather it has been given a creative form so under this year emphasis has been given on creating spiritual scientists. A song was created for this purpose, a few lines of which are given below:

कोरी आध्यात्मिकता युग को प्राण नहीं दे पाएगी,

कोरि वैज्ञानिकता युग को त्राण नहीं दे पाएगी,

दोनों की प्रीति जुड़ेगी, युगधारा तभी मुड़ेगी,

क्या-क्या पाना है, पहले आंक लो ||

As a matter of fact our religious commune is associated with a spiritual tradition but with passage of time the tradition loses its sharp edge and power. It is not merely a question of us but most of the religious communes are facing this crisis. I never say that one must leave one’s commune, but my interest certainly lies in the fact that certain radiance must be incorporated in the communes. That’s why in this year a group of some five hundred monks and nuns, samanas and Samanis, brothers and sisters who are seekers and a group of sophomores have been included in the commune. I can’t say how many of them would really turn themselves into a radiant being but I can certainly say that all these people are keen to be something and we are applying spiritualism in practical life. Certainly an endeavour that began in a secluded comer of Rajasthan is associated with world peace. I do not assert that we shall establish peace in the whole world but whatever distance we cover in this direction would be a matter of joy for us.

Application of Non-violence is Desirable

It is feasible to have a scientific perspective in a scientific age spiritualism and science— with the synthesis of both these factors a spiritual scientific personality is developed. The creation of this personality is the sole aim of ‘Yogashem Varsha’. Yoga is the attainment of impossible. ‘Shem’, means whatever has been achieved in the past, what is still alive, is relevant and effective, that eternal factor has to be preserved.

This way the synthesis of the past and present is what ‘ Yogashem’ is. This occasion is the occasion of awakening of wisdom. By the training and application of non-violence we are trying to observe the penance of it.

Meditation also plays a vital role in establishing man’s personality. In the camps of ‘Prekshadhyana’ this truth has been emphasized. It has also been made clear that through meditation the inner traits for human beings can also be cleaned. That’s why this entire work of us is based on practical application. Along with personality development in a very indirect manner, we are not merely getting connected with the entire country but the entire world. It is our innermost desire to establish individual peace. Without individual’s peace, peace for mass cannot be established. Peace prevailing among mass again assures an individual. The vow of taking a dual role has been accepted in this ‘Pragyaparva’ (occasion of awakening wisdom).


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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