Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 67 ►Social Life must become a Laboratory of Non-Violence

Published: 05.07.2020

There are two ways before this world— one way is that of violence and the other way is that of non-violence. The popularity or supremacy concerning violence and non-violence has already been concluded. But which way to choose, it has not yet been decided.

Generally people refrain from violence but they are also afraid of non-violence. People believe that the path of non-violence is arduous. Violence is dangerous but still the path of it is straight and simple. That’s why a spiritual Yogi has said

मूढ़ात्मा यत्र विश्वस्तस्ततो नान्यदभयास्पदम् |
यतो भीतस्ततो नान्यदभयस्थानमात्मन: ||

—A muddle headed person believes in violence. There is nothing more dangerous to him than it. He is afraid of non-violence. Nothing compared to it provides fearlessness to man than it.

Why non-violence seems to be arduous?

The attraction of violence is there because it nourishes hedonism. When one sets oneself free from hedonistic pleasures the diseases also cease to-exist. Hedonism is based on material objects, material objects lead to accumulation and accumulation is based on violence. People neither want to leave hedonism nor do they wish to renounce accumulation. They simply want to renounce violence. But without leaving these two factors violence cannot be left. This is the reason why the path of non-violence seems to be arduous. A non-violent person has to renounce the attachment of luxury, fame and commodity. Non-violence has simple bliss. But as long as one is affected by external anomalies this joy is not felt. Anomalies keep the person deluded and suppress his fundamental joy from flowing. Non-violence is a natural state of mind, speech and body. It is imperative for a person to draw a line of accumulating external objects. External commodities create attachment and attachment creates anomalies. Only those people who are argumentative assert that enhancement of commodities is a means to attain happiness but the experience is somewhat different. Unlimited accumulation beyond necessities brings impurity. Those who cannot think over it, they must believe in it and those who are able to contemplate over the matter they must test it over the touchstone of their own experiences. Drawing a limit over accumulation of commodities brings joy inexplicable, one must apply it. If such applications go on moving forward then non-violence can yield much better results.

Non-Violence is a Factor of Life

Non-violent men have been contemplating over non-violence for millennia but this subject has not grown old yet. Whenever this subject is thought over newness is felt. The reason is that non-violence is an important factor concerning philosophy of life. It is not merely subject to present and any particular place, but eternal and universal. In Jaina Agam texts the subtle nuances of non-violence have been described. It can only be understood by those who transcend the behavioural platform and try to understand it and live by its ideal.

Non-violence is a factor of life and fulfilment of knowledge. Lord Mahavira has said—'एव खु णाणिणो सारं जं न हिंसति कंचणं'—The essence of knowledge of a wise person is that he never causes violence. Some people associate violence even with religion which is not at all desirable. The relation between violence and religion is the same as that of Far East and far west. From philosophical point of view violence cannot be transformed into religion, but people love the word religion, therefore their behavioural and social responsibilities are also being associated with the word religion. In the context of social responsibilities violence caused can be considered an indispensable need of a social person but on the basis of that it cannot be given the value of self-religion or enteral religion. Non-violence is present in the traits of human beings; it has nothing to do with someone living or dying. If the traits are clean and pure, there is no feeling of enmity towards anyone, if there is restraint then even death of, someone is not considered violence. The importance that lies in transforming a person into a non-violent being is not given to the act of saving someone’s life by hook or by crook. A non-violent person doesn’t merely provide fearlessness to anyone in particular but numerous creatures.

If someone claims for non-violence that it is a treasure that he has got in legacy then what objection could be there in it? The only expectation is that he brings non-violence in his life. Without practically following it merely bragging would be nothing less than hypocrisy. It is so because non-violence belongs to one who shapes One’s life according to the ideals of it. This is a special opportunity for all non.-violent persons. The world is sick and tired of horrible conflicts of violence. It is looking for a support. Non-violence can provide a support to it. This is the same support that can provide respite to the dilapidated and worn out world. Do the people who have a steadfast devotion over non-violence would contemplate over it?


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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