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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 69 ►Non-Violence Day: An Experiment

Published: 06.07.2020

It is a unique example in world history that the leaders of powerful nations have come up with a proposition of disarmament. Generally in the field of politics a notion works that without the power of arms the existence of the power of state ceases to be. The present situation is somewhat different. The arms have been produced so much that not merely the states but the entire world is at a peril from them. Those who are the sentinels of state they are only trying to provide a possibility of transforming them into a crematorium.

The means of violence have crossed the ultimate limit then the question of rooting them out completely has been raised. The proposition laid by Nikita Khuschev has just been heard by the people. This is not an echo of non-violence. It is mutual fear that is talking. The bliss of non-violence is felt only when the value of it is independently understood. Without any compulsion of situation the joy that is found in renouncing violence is not there when there is a compulsion of situation. It is also a fact that without putting an end to the means of violence and the situation providing stimulant to those means non-violence cannot be expanded.

Social life must be at par with the ideals of non-violence. The tendency of accumulation, luxury and hedonism must be low in it. The traditions of society must not be affected by economic pressure then violence never gets an opportunity to erupt.

Somewhere the economic differences got less than the production of arms increased. Somewhere the economic prosperity took place then hedonism increased at a rapid pace. Both these situations are not favourable for non-violence.

The aim of ‘Anubrat’ movement is to create such a situation whereno hedonism prospers nor does the production of arms bring flood but the public go ahead in the direction of non-violence.

Non-violence day should not be merely considered as a tradition, but it must be considered as an experiment. Every year this effort must be laid forward so that the public get a new direction and the life takes a new turn.

Those who believe in Anubrat, those who have certain feelings toward Anubrat movement, they must come forward to make each and every person realize the economic pressure due to orthodox traditions and try to lessor it. My belief is that even this small effort will also be favourable in developing non-violence.

Non-violence can only make world peace possible. As long as ego, grievances and violent traits are present in behaviour then there is least possibility of peace descending on life. The pillars of peace are non-violence and restraint. One, who has controlled one’s mind, has controlled the movement of hands and legs he attains to peace automatically. The ideals of restraint and non-violence certainly clean one’s individual life, in addition to that they bring peace even in social and national stratum. World peace can only be established by that. If someone tries to put one’s hand in the mouth of a dangerous Python named atom bomb and tries to extract nectar from it, would he get nectar there? The negative reply of this question is that the possibility of getting poison would be there. Getting and consuming poison means destruction and death. If the world needs peace then it has to land on the royal road of non-violence.

Today people have not become aware of the actual power of non- violence which is why they take the support of violence. If they are made aware of the actual power of non-violence then they would not take the route of violence within a spur of the moment. It is desirable then that every individual must be made aware of the power of non- violence and a strong edifice of faith over it must be created.

Sign of an Auspicious Future

It is rare to find a single creature in the world who wants to be miserable. Then to cause misery to someone on one’s part, how far would it be favourable? It is a subject of contemplation for every person. To hurt someone’s heart is also violence. A non-violent person must always remain alert to refrain from such an act. Now the situation has turned such that people tend to show off more than what authentically they are. A factor like non-violence doesn’t really get nourished by show off. To attain to it one has to put even one’s soul at stake, one has to follow the ideals of it determinedly. The sole aim of Anubrat movement is to establish non-violence in practical life of human beings. Friendship, contentment, inter-dependence, restraint and so on are the factors that revolve around non-violence only. These factors must be developed to such an extent so that human beings can call themselves human in the true sense of the term. The happy news is that a curiosity regarding Anubrat movement is being observed among crowd and the solutions of many problems seem to be found in it. Non-violence day (Ahimsa Divas) is a symbol of non-violent feeling embedded in Anubrat movement. It is gradually becoming the center of attraction for each and every individual. it is a sign of an auspicious future of development of non-violence.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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