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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 32 ►Non-Violence: A Way to World Peace

Published: 17.06.2020

Non-Violence: The Only Solution

Man’s life is full of turmoil. He is not merely in turmoil from any one aspect but from every direction. It must be said this way that his turmoil goes on increasing day-by-day. From one pole to another pole this fire of turmoil is spreading and falling. While it is also true that many steps are being taken to eradicate this constant state of turmoil but no positive result comes, what might be the reason of it? One of the reasons might be that there is a lack of proper direction given to the will force. When the path is wrong than no matter how much the person walks; how on earth he would find his destination. The higher authorities are busy directing their efforts in creating atom bombs, Hydrogen bombs and dreadful missiles. Billions are spent over such projects. They are being produced very fast. Their testing is also going on at some places. To make it short people are trying to attain peace by wrong means whereas our ancient sages and seers had always asserted that non-violence is the only way to attain peace.

A question might be raised here and that is when violence is prevailing everywhere, terrible wars are being fought then how on earth can non-violence be established? Along with the question raised above there would always be a counter-question attached to it and that is whether violence would ever establish peace. Now the most important point to be understood is that violence is itself turmoil. This is the sole reason of turmoil. To attain peace by means of it is almost like washing the blood-stained clothes with blood itself. By violence it is adding fuel to the fire of war not water. Only non-violence can pour water over it. Only it has got the ability to accomplish the task successfully.

Needs Wide Expansion

The present scenario of the world is just before us. Iraq is a small nation. There is a possibility of public revolution or army revolution there. The king has become a victim of violence. It has spread fear and worry across the whole world. Nobody can say when there is an outbreak of war or havoc caused. On one hand America and Britain in the name of peace are sending their armed forces and on the other Soviet Russia is threatening them. Seeing this scenario it seems that world peace is at stake today. If a corner of the world is agitated then the other corner cannot be in peace. If violence spreads in a nation then not merely the neighbouring countries but also the far away nations are affected by it. So non-violence needs to be spread on national level. It however doesn’t mean that I am undermining peace is one’s personal life. It has got its own importance in the spiritual field. In the absence of it a person’s life becomes heavy and it fails to have any significance. The environment of the whole world is affected by the national peace or turmoil, which is why; I have laid stress on spreading peace on the national level.

Interdependence is yet another form of non-violence and world harmony. It is an auspicious sign for the future that almost every nation has approved of it as a fundamental principle of life. I would like to tell them that they don’t stop by merely accepting it as a fundamental principle of life but must also try to apply it in their own life. It is my conviction that only when it gets a practical outlet then only the universal brotherhood and love between brothers, nation and neighbours can be established and a kingdom of love, harmony and peace can be born out of it.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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