Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 15 ►Non-Violence and Equality

Published: 09.06.2020

The ideal of non-violence is the ideal of equality. No hatred or reprimand for others is entertained there. Non-violence is full of decency, kingship and positive feelings. If such feelings are missing there cannot be any non-violence. Violence is synonymous with downfall. To save oneself from it and emancipate oneself is the religion of non-violence. Non-violence is perseverance. It is deeply related with the changes in mind. From this point of view Lord Mahavira has said that a person is his own friend. Why do you seek friends outside ignoring the inner friend? Non-violence is the only base for establishing this kinship. If a person indulges in non-violence then he would never be affected by hostility of any kind for anyone. Everyone would naturally turn his friend. People involved with violence tum this whole world into an enemy quite naturally.

Perseverance for Non-Violence is Necessary

At present people get into a lot of conflicts. Even with the development of so many devices, meant for man’s comfort, it has not been able to provide respite to him. If he wishes to get rid of anguish, troubles and discrimination then he has to follow the highway of non-violence sooner or later. To understand non-violence one has to know what violence is. Like taking one’s life is violence, similarly to trust someone’s principal is also violence. To speak ill against someone is also violence. Every person must consciously take control over one’s mind, speech and body to avoid violence of any kind. The movement of ‘Anubrat’ is a non-violent movement. The non-violent traits must be inculcated in every person and is desirable to an ‘Anubrati’ (one who takes small vows). To be an ‘Anubrati’ one needs to tum oneself non-violent and patiently move towards that direction.

In Indian philosophy much emphasis has been laid on Atmavad (existence of soul). It is said that one who has forgotten all, one who has realized one’s soul he has known all, to perceive one’s soul to keep observation of it and deep contemplation of it has been prime concern of Indian Philosophy. For Indian psychology it has been a subject of great interest and attraction.  In India knowledge has been given the highest value. But, it has to be borne in mind; the value has not been given to bookish knowledge. Here the knowledge that has been associated with the wise traits like non-violence has been valued. According to Lord Mahavira the essence of true knowledge lies in not causing harm or violence to anyone. A person is known to be a scholar or knowledgeable but if he is involved with violence then what is the use of his being knowledgeable? His knowledge becomes a burden for him.

The True Science

The Indian metaphysics deals with the inner world. From its perception the real science is non-violence and equality. The material science can in no way compare itself with this spiritual science. If the apocalyptic arms oriented science is left unguarded and if the comfort provided by the same sciences is also thought about then we shall findthat it has turned man crippled. Whatever work capacity he had it has been snatched away from him. If we look at it from this point of view we shall find that modem science has helped humanity less and caused much harm. So it becomes imperative that Indians must accept the inner science of non-violence and equality. It would certainly provide them peace; self-satisfaction and the life that has turned full of anguish/ hostile can breathe cool air of happiness.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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