Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 41 ►Essence of Religion Lies in Non-Violence

Published: 22.06.2020

All the great men and the profounder of religion that existed in the world they all gave advice on non-violence. They accepted it as the highest ideal and value of life. In other words non-violence is a universal truth, an enteral truth, the core essence of religion and the very base of this world. So, it becomes imperative for everyone to have a deeper understanding of this value of non-violence. Man must never forget that the way he feels pain the same pain is felt by others. Therefore causing pain intentionally to any living creature is unfair and an act that goes against religion.

Feeling of One in Many

The famous saint Namdev’s childhood incident is being depicted. His mother once gave him a hatchet and asked him to out a tree. Namdev carried the hatchet and soon reached near the tree. But an amazing incident took place and that is instead of hitting the tree he hit his own leg. The consequence was that it started bleeding profusely. His dhoti also got hued in red. He moaned with pain. When his mother asked he said, ‘If a tree is out doesn’t it feel any pain? If it feels the pain then to what degree? To examine that I did the act. In future this Namdev became a great thinker and an apostle of non-violence. This incident proves that every living creature whether big or small carries a soul and is subject to pain and suffering to the same degree. A person can empathise with others pain and suffering by standing over the edifice of the feeling of one in many Saint Namvev was a living example of it.

The Way Only Changed

This concept is clear like a broad day light that a family person has certain responsibilities which is why he cannot devote his life after spiritual penance like saints and recluses, even if he wants. It doesn’t mean that he cannot move a single step ahead in this direction. If he wants he may do a lot in this direction. All that he needs is to reduce his attachment towards worldly activities and devote some time for his self-emancipation.

It is said about the famous poet Tulsidasji that before becoming a saint he used to indulge a lot in worldly pleasures. He was obsessed with his wife Ratnabai. His wife once ridiculed at his state of mind and said, ‘The way you love me so much if you had loved God in the same degree, wou1dn’t you have been transformed? Such words uttered by his wife pierced his heart and he renounced all worldly pleasures and turned himself into a saint reaching great heights.

One may not pass a curt remark like Ratnabai but in straight forward way it can be said that a person of conscience can make self- emancipation a part and parcel of his life while playing the role of a family person.

Whoever tries to change the way of his life, transformation may take place in his life. He will feel peace and will move ahead in the direction of welfare.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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