Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 42 ►Form of Teaching Non-Violence

Published: 22.06.2020

Among so many problems of ages the sole problem is violence. Violence was caused in the past, it is caused at present but it will not be caused in future and no such predictions can be made. Where there is life, where one has to struggle to earn one’s livelihood, there is bound to be violence. But that kind of violence never becomes a problem. The problem arises when emotions are left unrestrained. If birds and animals are set aside then it has to be agreed that the roots of violence are planted in every nerve and knot of human beings. Unless they are probably controlled there is no way to find a solution of the problem of violence.

Man is a worshipper of truth, beauty and divine. What is truth? Every living creature wants to live according to its own terms. This is a truth. To create hurdles on its way of living is violence. The main source of violence is in attachment with materials. The more dreadful would the violence be. A detached person’s life has no element of violence. So it is feasible to get into the very roots of violence other than contemplating merely over the leaves, flowers and fruits in the tree of violence. So long as the roots of violence are not dug it is very difficult to stop the ill-consequences of it.

Violence is of three forms—Arambhja, Virodhja and Sankalpja. A social person cannot save himself from Arambhja and Virodhja violence. He cultivates the land, gets involved in trade, and tries to earn his livelihood. To carry on with all these activities, violence becomes indispensable. To lead a social life conflicts often arise. To resist attack a person often takes refuge in violence. Even if it is not considered indispensable but one has to comply with such obligations. As long as the person carries a lust for life he resorts to every possible means to sustain his life.

The third form of violence is Sankalpja. There is neither any logical purpose nor any obligation nor is there any particular cause but still man causes violence. He kills innocent people. Why? He is obsessed with killing. The door of thinking is closed for him. Many times a person himself doesn’t know why does he bear resentment for others? He mounts over the horse of such emotions the reign of which is not in his hand. This horse throws him to the deep gorge of downfall and there seems to be no way of saving oneself from it. This is happening all across the world.

The solution of the problem of non-violence is not in violence. Has it been so then violence would have come to an end by now violence begets violence? The permanent solution of it lies in non-violence. Like violence the roots of non-violence are also embedded in human brain. As long as the human brain is not trained violence will keep on masquerading and taint human peace. To stop violence non-violence has to be thought. The teaching of non-violence includes teaching how to control one’s emotions, changing one’s perspective, transformation of heart, changing one’s lifestyle and changing the system. Jain Vishwabharati, a popular University has come forward to teach non-violence and is determined to implement such programs. If this program is made active then piercing the thick black clouds of violence and establishing peace and interdepend ability will be made successfully.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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