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Published: 09.07.2020

8th December, 1987 became an important day in world history. On this day in America’s White House the Soviet Prime Minister C. Mikhail Gorbachev and US president Ronald Reagan signed a treaty of destroying atomic weapons hitting the target within the range of half the distance. To save the world from the peril of atomic war this endeavour is a successful one among other efforts taken in that direction. Before it in the year 1985 at Geneva and in the year 1986 at Requeabik, two meetings were held regarding this context which was not successful.

The Historical Declaration

In the year 1986 in the month of November Gorvechev had come to India. He also met Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Both these leaders talked at length on mutual co-operation and to destroy all the atomic weapons by the end of this century and signed a treaty of ten Sutras declaration. Some rules of this declaration are—

  • Non-violence must be regarded as the base of social life.
  • Mutual harmony and trust must replace fear and doubts.
  • Peaceful mutual harmony must be made the base for international relations.
  • Necessary actions must be taken immediately to make the world free from nuclear weapons and establish non-violence.

While reading these sutras it doesn’t seem that the leaders of Soviet Russia and India had given these sutras. Loard Mahavira seems to be speaking through all these sutras; Mahatma Gandhi’s soul seems to be speaking. Due to this declaration I offered my thanks to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi on 5th November, l987, on the occasion of a gathering at ‘Anubrat Bhavan’ and through him I also offered my thanks to Soviet Minister Mr. Gorbachev. The Soviet Prime Minister has finally landed on the path of non-violence which is a matter of pride for India. Some people were in view regarding this declaration letter and their reaction was that they thought to talk about non-violence and disarmament is quite easy but for a socialist country it is quite difficult to approve of them. Which action is arduous and which one is easy can only be determined by time. Some programs enlisted in the declaration letter have already been implemented. A few programs were related to international laws, for their implementation a favourable time was needed and the approval of the leaders of the relevant nations was also necessary. From this point of view the work did not stop there. A step was taken forward in the direction of non-violence and the impossible became possible. To make the world free of atomic weapons an important treaty was signed. This treaty took place between those two powerful nations which are responsible for the whole world’s equilibrium. The previous two failed attempts had disappointed the leaders of both these nations.

According to this proverb the third attempt taken by Soviet Russia and America became successful. In this attempt the proposal of destroying missiles that could hit the target of 500 kms. to 5,000 kms. was approved. It is said that these missiles are very significant weapons in the arsenal of both these countries. In the next treaty the possibility of reducing the weapons by half is being strengthened. The declaration of making this treaty successful in the year 1988 at Moscow during spring has been announced from ‘White House’.

Welcome of Treaty

The treaty signed between Gorvachev and'Regan has been given a hearty welcome by almost all the countries of the world. Some countries are of the view that it is a sign of a beginning of a happy future. While some other nations feel that it has fulfilled the dream of Europe s security. The good wishes pouring from all directions prove that no person, community, society or nation want violence. The atomic weapons are the biggest proof of violence. They create fear, a feeling of revenge and competition. In the presence of all these weapons no nation can exist peacefully. If a neighbouring country possesses these weapons then it becomes a challenge for any nation. To face this challenge a nation ignores such important factors such as education, culture and other human values and employs all its energy to create arms and a strong army. The impediments that come on the way of development due to all these factors are not unknown to anyone.

America is a developed country from the perspective of economic prosperity and Soviet Russia’s arms are considered better and more lethal than America. If America moves forward due to its economic strength compared to Russia’s power of arms, then it would be no wonder. It is surprising that both these nations are keen to destroy their atomic weapons. This decision was made which should have been taken a long time ago. It is however better late than never. Even if now all the powerful nations take refuge in non-violence and divert their attention from production of arms then much can be accomplished in the field of creating world peace.

Prejudices, fear, ego, competition and such other factors that provide energy to violence need to be eradicated. The day when atomics weapons would be banned completely and the demon called violence would be nailed, that day would be the day of great realization for the entire human race. This is my personal dream. Why only me?  It is a dream of people the estimate of which is unknown. We must strive hard together and pray that a gate of peace that has opened must be accessible to every person.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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