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Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 43 ►Ways of Teaching Non-Violence

Published: 23.06.2020

Darkness prevailed in the past; it is there at present and will always be in future. To dispel it man lighted the lamp', it is lit now and will be lit in future as well. If the state of darkness is three-dimensional then the state of light is also three-dimensional. It never happens that there is presence of darkness and there is no possibility of light to exist. The deeper the darkness is the more hankering for light exists. Man never stops lighting lamps thinking that darkness would prevail forever. Man’s struggle against darkness would go on till the time he needs light.

Violence had been there; it is and will always be. The effort to establish non-violence had been made is being made and will be made. Violence and non-violence—both of its existence is three dimensional. The more intense the violence will be the more effort will be put to establish non-violence. Man’s non-violent consciousness has never stopped getting inspired for violence’s perpetual existence in the world. In comparison with violence the strength of non-violence is no less. It is desirable to generate and raise that power. The rising of power is only possible when one develops a proper understanding of it. Researches are conducted over it, training of it is done on a massive scale and application of it is done.

Training of Non-Violence is Possible

Violence is present in values of human beings. Something triggers if and it expresses itself. In Jain Agam texts numerous reasons of violence are found. Some persons get involved with violence for no valid reason. Whether violence is caused for any valid reason or not but its training goes on almost on a regular basis. It increases one’s efficiency. New devices for it are being developed, new techniques are being found. In some cases it is also being applied freely. The free application of non-violence is a far cry; even a system of its training is not available. The glory is sung but no one thinks of providing training over it. In a situation like this how it can be expressed that non-violence would be established and become an integral part of our lifestyle? Most of the people have no idea or belief that non-violence is capable of doing something or its training can also be provided. My conviction is that non-violence carries infinite power and its training is also possible.

Principle of Non-Violence

If a form of training non-violence is determined then it may have two forms—principle and practical. In principle training philosophical truths are being taught. There are many philosophical aspects of non- violence. If all the aspects are discussed then one may get diverted from the main subject matter. From this point of view some points are being presented without which there can be no edifice of training non-violence. Philosophically there are five points that can prove the worth of non-violence.

In principle training philosophical truths are being taught. Many philosophical aspects are discussed then one may get diverted from the main subject matter. From this point of view some points are being presented without which there can be no edifice of training non-violence. Philosophically there are five points that can prove the worth of non-violence:

  • Existence of soul,
  • Freedom of soul,
  • Equality of soul,
  • Comparison of life,
  • Feeling of inter-dependability.

There is soul. Every soul has its own share of happiness and grief. From this point of view soul is free. From mathematical point of view there are numerous souls. They are found in myriad states according to their karmas (actions). As far as their form is concerned every soul is equal. This law of equality is not merely confined to human beings. As many creatures are there in the world all their souls are equal. No person in the world can remain impartial and save one’s identity. For this reason life has been considered relative. The law of relativity applies to every atom. If a leaf gets tom from a tree and falls down it affects the whole existence. Whether I exist or he exists, no such thoughts are indulged in the periphery of non-violence. I would exist, you would also exist, he would also exist, others would exist—to think this way in terms of inter-dependability is the philosophy of non-violence.

Application of Non-Violence in the Inner World

After having understood the principles of non-violence it is imperative to understand teaching has got two components—the inner world and the outer world. In the inner world the most important factor of training is balancing emotions. In the language of psychology the mental turmoil or restlessness is called emotion. Fear, anger, sexuality, happiness, misery and so on are the emotions that often exert their influence as reactions.

As long as man doesn’t become non-attached he cannot set himself free from the influence of emotions. But if they are not balanced then they create lot of problems. The method of balancing or controlling these emotions is being presented by means of illustrations.

Anger is a sort of emotion. To control it some method of meditation are applied in the emotional area. Applying ‘Chaitanyakendras Preksha’ and Leshyadhyan have proved beneficial in this regard.

Unawareness (Pramaad) is an emotion. It helps in being aware. To control it ‘Chaitanyakendra Preksha’, ‘Leshyadhyan’ and ‘Dirhgashwas Preksha’ are being applied. These applications are also effective in quitting addictions.

Inferiority complex and ego are such emotions which influence one’s entire personality. To minimize their influence some special methods of meditation are being applied on sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

Point of Teaching in Outer World

In the outer world the applied training of non-violence has a vivid role to play. There are mainly three points—

  • The development of human relations
  • The extension of relations with living creatures.
  • The limitations of relations with material world.

Man is a social animal. He lives in crowd. He establishes different kinds of relations with the crowd. To establish relation is not a difficult task. To retain that relation is difficult. The reason of this difficulty is man’s selfish attitude. One who sees the world with selfish eyes and who treads on selfish path can never think of spirituality. Non-violence is philosophy of spirituality. A person believing in non-violence cannot put his relationship at stake for fulfilling his selfish desires. The poison that is being spread in the world due to this selfish philosophy or individualism can only be prevented if non-violence is taught at massive scale.

Cleansing or Development of Human Relations —

Man’s views are seen in two forms—human and inhuman. What kind of behaviour or relation must be shared among human beings is described in moral preaching’s. One who behaves according to such ideals, his view is considered human. A person who ignores others welfare, who crushes others dream underneath his feet, one who exploits others is considered inhuman or a person of demonic nature. Changing such inhuman traits can only clean human relationship.

Human relations can be divided into few small units. We are discussing the main three units here—family relationship, social relationship and business relationship. The relationship between father and son, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, mother and daughter etc. are family relationships. If human perspective is developed in such relationships then the question of fighting, bullying and torturing doesn’t arise.

The periphery of social relationship extends to a great extent. It starts from neighbours and extends up to every individual residing far away in so1ne place. There must be no selfish motive behind establishing any relationship and in failure of such motive the situation of breaking the bond should not arise. This is an ideal and inspiration of non-violence. The differences based on caste, creed, gender and religion that are being created among human beings are advocating violence in some way or the other. Above all these differences there is a factor which is called humanity. He is also a human being, I am, also a human being. The kind of behaviour that I expect from some one, he also expects the same kind of behaviour from me. Based on this thinking only human relationships can develop.

The relationships between employer and employee, master and servant, partners and so on are related to the business world. If a human perspective is not developed in such relationship then the employer exploits and the employee evades from his work or responsibilities. To work in high fever of 104° and the habit of making excuses thrive in the same environment. In such a sphere sympathy and training of humanity can solve many such problems and provide respite.

Development of Relations with Animal World

Man considers himself the most developed creature of the world.Due to this reason he cannot develop a wider perspective for other living creatures.

What kind of relation must man establish with the animal world?If man was given training regarding this context then there would have been no unnecessary violence. Animals would not have been tortureda nd hedonism would not have spread in human society. Only the people can use dresses and accessories based on cruelty unleashed over innocent animals who fails to identify themselves withother living creatures. Some people for the sake of entertainment make animals fight with each other. The momentary pleasure of few people is a living example of cruelty towards the animal world.Training in non-violence can refrain people from displaying this kind of cruelity.

A person having a wide perspective for the entire animal kingdom cannot tamper with nature either. The environmental science does not approve of any interference in any part of environment. This perspective is however not very old. But according to the sutras of Lord Mahavira on non-violence and restraint that he laid forward some two thousand years earlier also forbid causing harm to any part of nature.

Limitation of Relation with Material World

Man has a fundamental tendency and that is to possess. Inspired by this tendency he accumulates wealth. The mental frame of possessing leads man towards annihilation. Erik Frome has written a book titled, “To have or to be."  Man has to choose between these two options. If he needs to save his existence then he needs to renounce the tendency of possessing.
Man has to encounter this dual problem. On one hand he cannot run his life without materials, on the other this feeling of possession becomes a threat to his existence. In a situation like this the most important point of training is—non-attachment toward materials. With the change of his perspective toward materials he draws a line in accumulating and utilizing materials according to his needs.

Last Refuge must Become Ultimate Refuge

The teachers and students of non-violence must remember Lord Mahavira’s declaration—‘अहिंसा सव्वभूयखेमंकरी '. He said——‘Non-violence is beneficial for every living creature’. This declaration seems relevant and effective when people become exhausted with horrors of war and stricken with fear take refuge in non-violence and declare the end of war. If violence or war had the power to offer refuge then why would the question of ending war arise in the first place? The last refuge is not war but in the end of it. This last refuge must become the ultimate one for which it is of utmost importance that instead of putting an end to war the beginning of war must be stopped.

Some people believe that non-violence turns a man coward and fear stricken. I would like to ask them a question—if non-violence cowardice then why at the end its refuge is sought? Can be a refuge for someone? Mahavira has considered fear and cowardice as violence. Non-violence is armour neither for the brave nor for cowards. Only non-violence that reflects power and courage can provide relief to the whole world. I wish the world to recognize its/power and accept it as the last refuge.

Method of Training must become a part of Education

Regarding the training of non-violence, certain important points have been chosen because violence IS caused due to three main reasons—

  • Clash in thoughts
  • Attachment for materials
  • Cruelty that lurks in human relationship

In man’s daily life the conflicts concerning these points that a rise can only find a solution man being trained in non-violence. Many times it happens that a person unknowingly gets involved in violence. It may happen due to his complete ignorance of the ill-consequences of violence. So the method of training non-violence must be consolidated. Merely choosing a few villages and individuals would not suffice. It can be done while testing the effectively of these methods but to make the training program more effective it needs to be associated with education.

It becomes imperative then that non-violence must be made a compulsory subject in every school and university and its theoretical training must also be focused upon to make the subject massive and more effective. The method of teaching non-violence must become scientific and easy. From this point of view to examine the progress debates can also be organized.

I fervently hope that all the scholars who have come from different parts of the world would share their knowledge and experiences to make this seminar a successful one. For the grand success of this program I offer my blessings and expect an auspicious beginning of it.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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